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detail (and turned 90º clockwise), marbled rear endpaper, Bavarian State Library copy of
J. H. Basedow (educational theorist, reformer; 1724-1790 *), Ueberzeugende Methode der ... angewendeten Arithmetik. (Altona, 1763) — title here, marbled page here.

I imagine abstracted young minds drifting through these arithmetical currents and eddies, more theoretical than their tiresome sums. Akin to looking into embers in the hearth; like something asleep in asphalt.

In the asphalt over which he passed, his steps awakened an echo.
ex Walter Benjamin, Tiergarten, in Berlin Childhood around 1900

23 November 2012
tags: asphalt; Basedow, J. E.; Benjamin, Walter; detours; paper, marbled; reves