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a different area


Plate XIII. B.
Photomicrograph of a different area in the polished section illustrated in (A). Similar in all respects to (A), except that it shows a kind of banding of the limonite and quartz on each side of the center of the veinlet of chalcocite. The notes on (A) are equally applicable to this section.

illustrating Francis Baker Laney, The Geology and Ore Deposits of the Virgilina District of Virginia and North Carolina. Bulletin No. XIV, Virginia Geological Survey, 1917.

I wonder whether fieldwork and, here, the subsequent investigations that Laney carried out in the microscopical laboratory of the U.S. Bureau of Mines in Salt Lake City, Utah was motivated — as it is manifestly rewarded — by the sublime beauty of carefully prepared specimens such as these.

See the Author’s Preface, here.

13 March 2013
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