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with some unusual changes in the visual fields


Skiagraph (vertical orientation as printed, with pronounced moiré) captioned "Veasey — Bitemporal Hemianopsia," illustrating
Clarence A. Veasey, M.D., "Observation of a case of bitemporal hemianopsia with some unusual changes in the visual fields." Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society 10 (Thirty-ninth Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.), 1903: 383-387

Early in January, or six months before I first saw him, there had gradually appeared a "fogginess" of the temporal half of each field of vision, which, he thinks, was noticeable in the right eye before it was observed in the left.A skiagraphic examination of the brain of this patient shows a distinct shadow in the region of the chiasm. In presenting this skiagraph, I fully realize the skepticism regarding skiagraphy of cerebral lesions, even when of large size... In the skiagraph here presented, however, it is possible, if it be held about a meter distant from the eyes, and in such a position that the light will be reflected from its surface, to observe distinctly a shadow in the area indicated by the arrows...
[pages 383 and 385, arrows only faintly discernible at lower middle, slightly to right, in this Google scan.]

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