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This page (begins to) lists my asfaltics tumblr posts, that began on 9 April 2011 and — according to tumblr — total 1,948 as of 11 April 2019. (Strange, my count comes to 1,998.) Not included here are any posts made “private” (and thus, practically lost). Posts on subsidiary tumblrs, including shedone (69 posts) and jama262468 (207 posts), will get their own respective archives in due course.

This is an ongoing project; navigation links at tops of individual posts may not work (file names need to be updated).
14 April 2019

1 a lull in the tumblr cycle envelope; Majalah Tempo; Tokyo
2 old views Miller River, Boston; Tokyo
3 kowloon Chungking Mansions, January 1978
4 kyobashi Tokyo ca 1983-86
5 rust Kawaguchi, Tokyo
6 vapor trail Eagle Rock, April 1974
7 typewriter Berkeley, ca 1975
8 walls rebar glyphs, Tokyo ca 1985
9 walls 2 Pasadena ca 1972, Tokyo ca 1985
10 floors Pasadena? ca 1972
11 walls 3 kiln; San Jose
12 freeway grounds ca 1971
13 play ground asphalt; hopscotch; lines; palimpsest
14 spine Holt Rd.; ruination; spine
15 walls 4 walls; Berkeley
16 metals 1 metal; ca 1971-75
17 metals 2 edges; metal; shadows; ca 1973
18 errors error; errors and wrecks; walls; Worcester; telegraphic code; Moreing and Neal (1895)
19 solitude shore; solitude; telegraphic codes; ABC 4th (1880)
20 memory dirt; memory; scraping
21 walls 5 walls; Malacca 1977
22 memory 2 fields; memory; Robert Duncan
23 waterside waterside; Funabashi
24 errors 2 asphalt; Worcester
25 waterside 2 mud; muds; waterside; Funabashi; telegraphic codes; ABC 4th (1880)
26 holt rd drift; Holt Rd.; Magic 8-Ball; vitreous floaters; ca 1993
27 stills walls; Tokyo; ca 1987
28 walking M. M. Bartholomew; hands; stenograph; walking
29 twittering Camille Prilipp; Camille Schubert; telegramme-polka; twittering
30 東京へ media; Tokyo; Geoffry Winthrop-Young
31 infrastructure infrastructure; utility poles; Tokyo
32 walls 6 / infrastructure Ginza; むら田; Tokyo; walls
33 infrastructure informal housing; Shinjuku; Tokyo
34 reading / infrastructure infrastructure; reading; Tokyo
35 walls 7 gloam; walls; Niihama
36 walls 8 patches; walls; Kyoto
37 walls 9 poor light; walls; Niihama
38 Niihama-Saijo, waterfront waterfront; Niihama
39 names alphabet; alphabets; names; Frank Lloyd Wright
40 drawing 1 drawing; scribble; Bill Flynn
41 the fibers can be traced cotton; Nathan Augustus Cobb; lines; drawing; copying
42 classification and description of cotton classification; cotton; telegraphic codes; Lehman Bros. (1875)
43 adrift in the middling latitudes clumpiness; cotton; telegraphic codes; Andrew D. M. Smith; Lehman Bros. (1875)
44 kind. any sound, keeping kind cotton; kind; kinds; telegraphic codes; James Adam, Son & Co. (1881)
45 never mind mining; telegraphic codes; C. Algernon Moreing (1881)
46 oentoeng / roegih profit and loss; telegraphic codes; Sampoerna Code (Soerabaja, 1931?)
47 djangan minta don't ask; telegraphic codes; A. Engers; Java-Code (Balai Poestaka—Weltevreden, 1929)
48 giga japan atarashii hito no terebi desu; JVC; Friedrich Kittler (1943-2011)
49 wrongs telegraphic codes; wrongs; The Missions Code (1915; 1921);
50 just a few erasures erasure; erasures; telegraphic codes; U.S. Steel Corporation (1911)
51 a few more erasure; erasures; telegraphic codes; U.S. Steel Corporation (1911)
52 as you erasure; erasures; telegraphic codes; U.S. Steel Corporation (1911)
53 frevy / or words to that effect Edmund Peycke; Paul Valéry; telegraphic codes; that words know more than we do
54 a sentence is a ghost of an idea Paul Valéry; Koganei (Tokyo); drawing
55 équilibre 4:08 alphabet; dance; A.lter S.essio; Yum Keiko Takayama
56 mores more; telegraphic codes; China Inland Mission Private Telegraph Code (2nd edn, Shanghai, 1913)
57 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 index card; scribble; 3x5
58 hangers drawing; wire; Mitaka (Tokyo)
59 less 2 telegraphic codes; China Inland Mission Private Telegraph Code (2nd edn, Shanghai, 1913)
60 less 1 telegraphic codes; China Inland Mission Private Telegraph Code (2nd edn, Shanghai, 1913)
61 legibles lexicon; matter for reading; OED
62 an alphabetical list asphalt; asphaltic; structure; structureless; lexicon
63 with now and then telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
64 so’s so; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
65 oil spots, fig. 1 Paul Valéry; G. E. Matthews and J. I. Crabtree; Eastman Kodak; oil spots
66 oil spots, fig. 2 Paul Valéry; G. E. Matthews and J. I. Crabtree; Eastman Kodak; oil spots
67 oil spots, fig. 3 G. E. Matthews and J. I. Crabtree; Eastman Kodak; oil spots
68 oil spots, fig. 4 G. E. Matthews and J. I. Crabtree; Eastman Kodak; oil spots
69 oil spots, fig. 5 G. E. Matthews and J. I. Crabtree; Eastman Kodak; oil spots
70 oil spots, fig. 6 G. E. Matthews and J. I. Crabtree; Eastman Kodak; oil spots
71 none noo nor nones; nonsense; nor; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
72 substantiations Ikea; telegraphic codes; IBC (1908); Frederic George McCutcheon (1848?-1915)
73 taalboek / syzygy tables; telegraphic codes; Western Union Telegraphic Code, Universal Edition (1901)
74 or, noodles and doodles of an abandoned mind; and a half; latihan; paper; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
75 the right word Words were treacherous things; ukelele; Paul Valéry; Viña Delmar; James Montgomery Flagg
76 The weather, I think, must be changing. (1) envelope; scratches; Jenny Boully
77 The weather, I think, must be changing. (2) envelope; place where there are no words... regions without words...; Paul Valéry; Michael Ondaatje
78 The weather, I think, must be changing. (3) envelope; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
79 loose ladies Anita Loos; Viña Delmar; Madeline Brandeis; Nina Wilcox Putnam
80 tokonoma / patience 忍耐 patience; tokonoma; tools; Muga Miyahara
81 A nail, to hang his thoughts on. nails; fattura della morte; Joseph Joubert; Frederick Thomas Elworthy
82 outcrop geology chance; method; outcrop geology; sedimentology; Naomi Oreskes; Francis J. Pettijohn; Oak Grove
83 a story with a hole in it diagrams; forgotten corners and angles; nomograms; L. I. Hewes and H. L. Seward; J. M. Coetzee
84 in the mountain of a room Jack Hirschman
85 a pretty fine fellow The Father and Son Library; Jules Verne, The Mysterious Island; Henry Havelock Pierce
86 first printed circuit? e-book? printed circuits; W. S. Harris, Observations on the effects of lightning on floating bodies (1823)
87 also a wild tulip Vernon Lee and C. Anstruther-Thomson, Beauty & Ugliness (1912); interesting and dull shapes
88 mortality / left hand I cannot dilute a word with meaning; Ryuichi Tamura; Westinghouse Code (1902)
89 mutilation odes, 1 mutilation odes
90 mutilation odes, 2 mutilation odes
91 mutilation odes, 3 mutilation odes
92 mutilation odes, 4 mutilation odes
93 mutilation odes, 5 mutilation odes; method; sources; signal codes; telegraphic codes
94 mutilation odes, 6 mutilation odes
95 mutilation odes, 7 mutilation odes
96 mutilation odes, 8 mutilation odes
97 mutilation odes, 9 mutilation odes
98 mutilation odes, 10 mutilation odes
99 mutilation odes, 11 mutilation odes
100 mutilation odes, 12 mutilation odes
101 mutilation odes, 13 mutilation odes
102 mutilation odes, 14 mutilation odes
103 mutilation odes, 15 mutilation odes
104 mutilation odes, 16 mutilation odes
105 mutilation odes, 17 mutilation odes
106 walls 10 fragments; tapeten; walls; J. W. Goethe (epigram); The Universal Code of Signals (1864)
107 deserts deserts; water; The Desert Rider (1929)
108 fragments of wreck, 1 fragments; The Universal Code of Signals (1864); Hans Blumenberg, Shipwreck with Spectator
109 fragments of wreck, 2 telegraphic codes; Port Charges of the World (1879); Emily Dickinson, wrecked upon the shoal of thought
110 leadlands 1 leadlands; scribble; ohne worte
111 leadlands 2 leadlands; scribble; ohne worte
112 leadlands 3 leadlands; landlines; curves; straights; scribble; ohne worte
113 leadlands 4 leadlands; scribble; ohne worte
114 points, lines, and figures mixed together. 1 diagrams; evolutions; Bigot de Morogues, Tactique navale (1763); John Wilkins, Mercury... (1694)
115 as plain as (Stramo), 1 telegraphic codes; partical prices; refined lard; The International Cable Code (3rd edn., 1902)
116 ands  
117 as plain as, 2  
118 erosions, 1  
119 erosions, 2  
120 that the sign or mark precedes the idea  
121 loose loess loss  
122 instead, 2  
123 esto es lo que hay / this is what you get Laura Chenillo; el diccionario
124 lines, 1  
125 lines, 2  
126 lines, 3  
127 insteads  
128 lines, 4  
129 nows  
130 lines, 5  
131 lines, 6  
132 commas, 1  
133 commas, 2  
134 commas, 3  
135 The Tables Francis Bacon; instances; lines; tables; telegraphic codes; Western Union Telegraphic Code (1917)
136 again  
137 lines, 7  
138 lines, 8  
139 away  
140 lines, 9  
141 lines, 10  
142 lines, 11  
143 lines, 12  
144 Sitti Noerbaja, 1/8  
145 Sitti Noerbaja, 2/8  
146 Sitti Noerbaja, 3/8  
147 Sitti Noerbaja, 4/8  
148 Sitti Noerbaja, 5/8  
149 Sitti Noerbaja, 6/8  
150 lines, 13  
151 Sitti Noerbaja, 7/8  
152 Sitti Noerbaja, 8/8  
153 Sitti Noerbaja, afterthoughts (1)  
154 lines, 14  
155 commas, 3  
156 My past is everything I failed to be. failure; Fernando Pessoa; Journal of a Nobody
157 parks, 1  
158 thicks and thins, lines and shadows  
159 Back View of No. 505 Tailoring of the Better Class, the latest Pure Wool Fabrics & Models for the Fall & Winter Season 1921-22.
160 ugly, uninteresting, ungraceful  
161 ravelling, writing  
162 storms a-weather, rocks a-lee  
163 sands continually changing  
164 augusts 2  
165 Chaos, which we have abandoned  
166 to find our bearings in the chaos  
167 asphaltsee asphalt; Wilhelm Koch; Rainer Werner Fassbinder
168 (some) words liable to error, 1 waking, wanting; wasting, writing; weaving, paving; telegraphic similarity
169 (some) words liable to error, 2 least, lust; lever, river; mineral, general; miologia, geologia
170 (some) words liable to error, 3 error; jour, amour
171 (some) words liable to error, 4 error; rumination, lamination; pointing, anointing; pent, anent
172 (some) words liable to error, 5 error; digressio, depressio; prance, penance
173 (some) words liable to error, 6 error; ladder, rudder
174 (some) words liable to error, 7 since, hence; sleep, slip
175 (some) words liable to error, 8 error; sadness, saneness
176 (some) words liable to error, 9 error; true, cue, trite; Guide to the Correction of Errors in Code (and other) Telegrams (1890)
177 means little or no means; means a great deal; telegraphic codes; A. C. Meisenbach; Duo Code, Improved (1938)
178 the’s the's; about the; above the; telegraphic codes; A. C. Meisenbach; Duo Code, Improved (1938)
179 channels Concordance to the Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud (1980)
180 stick, a drawing; stick; Middlesex Fells Reservation (February 1991)
181 wrongs and yarns, a yellow pendant, with hideous yells (an array); erasures; wrongs; yarns; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
182 Becoming / Oval thimble spliced in one end. ropemaking; telegraphic codes; A. Leschen & Sons Rope Company, St. Louis, Missouri (1907)
183 all possible means means; poetics; W. Clauson-Thue, The ABC & A1 Universal International Night Signal Code (1894)
184 nude descending a staircase mechanics; Paul Richer; walking; Alphonse Bertillon; Signaletic Instructions (1896)
185 loops, vast ensembles of celestial alphabet; Jacques Gaffarel; Raul Ruiz
186 vowels : consonants, possibility : necessity consonants; current, galvanic; despair; possibility; vowels; Søren Kierkegaard; Sylvanus P. Thompson
187 stick, a (2) drawing; stick
188 stick, a (3) drawing; error; stick
189 water, a drop of lexicon; water; Yannis Ritsos
190 manglements, 1 Istanbul; walls
191 manglements, 2 Istanbul; walls
192 nude ascending a staircase failure; mechanics; Paul Richer; walking; Yannis Ritsos
193 a botanical alphabet alphabet; combinatorics; lichen; taxonomy; J. P. Bergeret; Phytonomatotechnie universelle
194 VEXNWAGEHPULÆ, VEXNUAGEHRULÆ combinatorics; taxonomy; J. P. Bergeret (1751-1813); Phytonomatotechnie universelle (1783-84)
195 october, instead of insteads; steads; Guardian Poster poems (October 2012)
196 calumniating signal books, and telegraphic dispatches calumny; jeremiads; telegraphical conveyances; Richard Ferguson; Abaddon's Steam Engine (1817)
197 conceptual writing conceptual; Kompost / Before writing; Western Union Telegraphic Code (1900)
198 upcast, downcast curves; downcasts; mining; upcasts; John Wales, on the ventilation of coal mines generally (1857-58)
199 remar / rift Samuel Beckett, I did my best to go in a circle; Jos Bewick, Remarks on the ore and ironstone... (1857-58)
200 it is principally on the western slopes of this range coal; NEIME; Henry T. Plews; Yannis Ritsos; no way forward
201 slow weather coal; mining; reves; John Rutherford
202 noisesome nothing here W. Ross Ashby; failure; machine; noise; nothing; telegraphic codes; ABC 4th (1880)
203 dry practical details coal; dry practical details; mining; Stephen C. Crone, Observations on Pillar Working... (1860-61)
204 boredom is a bottle boredom; Alejandra Pizarnik
205 wave(s) of translation curves; waves; J. Scott Russell; where they go, how they get there, if they ever return to their old places...
206 there you were telegraphic codes; the vocative; Lydia Tomkiw, The Dreadful Swimmers (1989); John Macdonald
207 bracketed Anne Blonstein; brackets; in lieu of; mining; E. Gaujot, The Use and Advantages of the Prop Screw-Jack
208 neithers needs; needless; neithers; Hans Werner Henze; Walt Whitman; John Macdonald
209 through the narrowest of slits, 1 colour; Piazzi Smyth, Colour, in Practical Astronomy (1879)
210 through the narrowest of slits, 2 colour; Piazzi Smyth, Colour, in Practical Astronomy (1879); words; one stone atop the other; Yannis Ritsos
211 in what is to come, red-ward, blue-ward color nomenclature; darkness; Derek Jarman; Piazzi Smyth, Colour, in Practical Astronomy (1879)
212 what is glare? H. P. Gage; ascertainments; glare; illumination; man in the road
213 what is glare? (2) dirt; glare; illumination; man in the road; out of place; Conrad Beck, The Microscope (1924)
214 polarised light sic erat scriptum; density; destiny; error; optics; diagrams; Conrad Beck, The Microscope (1924)
215 stress colors, 1  
216 stress colors, 2  
217 transverse faults, 1  
218 transverse faults, 1 (sectioned)  
219 transverse faults, 2  
220 stress colors, 2  
221 transverse faults, 3  
222 stress colors, 4 optics; stress; A. I. Kimball, Optical Determination of Stress in Transparent Materials (1921)
223 some experiments, 1 colour; polarised light; stress; H. E. Lance Martin
224 some experiments, 2 colour; polarised light; stress; H. E. Lance Martin; McNeill’s Mining & General Telegraphic Code (1895)
225 some experiments, 3 colour; suppression of colours; polarised light; stress; H. E. Lance Martin
226 in headeder he, less as so, that and improvements; permutations; Philip J. Messent, Description of the Improvements of the River Tyne (1887)
227 life and efficiency blue; carbon; hunch; Louis B. Marks, Life and Efficiency of Arc Light Carbons (1890)
228 into beds of killas or grauwaky, 1 contortions; grauwaky; observations; the sublime; Basil Hall; James Hutton; John Playfair
229 perhaps this fracture ancient lakes; foxing and punctuation; remains; Richard C. Taylor, that at first sight would seem to be (1835)
230 on the spectra  
231 on the spectra, 2  
232 broadening, displacement and reversal of lines iron; lines; spectra; the real world; W. Geoffrey Duffield (1879-1929); Rosaleen Love
233 condensation and rarefaction, 1 alphabet; propagation in an open space; sound; undulations; waves; Augustin Privat-Deschanel
234 condensation and rarefaction, 2 alphabet; propagation in an open space; sound; undulations; waves; Augustin Privat-Deschanel
235 synodical period lunatic verse; rule will serve for real motion; motion of moon; Isaac Newton
236 our daily thicket scribble; grass; hurst; thicket; Jacques Dupin
237 logwood 1, 2 bloodwood; logwood; colour; dyes; wool; W. M. Gardner, Logwood and its use in wool-dyeing (1892)
238 logwood 3, 4 bloodwood; logwood; colour; dyes; wool; W. M. Gardner, Logwood and its use in wool-dyeing (1892)
239 terminals, 1 deterioration; nickel; A. I. Krynitzky; Henry S. Rawdon
240 terminals, 2 deterioration; nickel; A. I. Krynitzky; Henry S. Rawdon
241 bolts and screws and similar small articles arrangements; corners; fasteners; hardware; lexicon; Walter Benjamin; Andrew Piper; R. R. Williams
242 terminals, 3 deterioration; eutectic; network; nickel; A. I. Krynitzky; Henry S. Rawdon
243 dada hardware dada; hardware; household wants; R. R. Williams, The American Hardware Store (1896)
244 effect of work and time, effect of stranding iron; J. H. Heck, Notes on the effect of work and time on the properties of mild steel and iron (1908)
245 piece of work about nothing about; lexicon; nothing; telegraphic codes; Ingeborg Bachmann; John Macdonald (1817)
246 it is a a; experimen membaca; lexicon; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
247 experiments are dangerous  
248 delays are dangerous  
249 tissue of falsehoods  
250 a complete misrepresentation  
251 a thing that was would, the thing again kata benda; lexicon; thickets; things; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
252 a perfect wilderness  
253 a scene of confusion  
254 a strange) mixture of all sorts  
255 arithmetiks  
256 thus the Greeks appeared to the Romans  
257 thus Egypt appeared to the Greeks  
258 and thus all three appear to us  
259 remington, 1  
260 escapement  
261 remington, 2  
262 heliotype, 1  
263 heliotype, 2  
264 tables, 2  
265 the piece of machinery which we call the sodium molecule
266 potential difference elbows; difference; potential; tables; telegraphic codes; G. M. Hobbs (1905); John Macdonald (1817)
267 on the lignites and clays, to which is annexed a glossary of plans
268 nothing planned, or plan  
269 bare and dry, with scrub  
270 日映ひうつり light; shadows; Sachiko Yoshimiya; walls
271 rorschach planet, 3 iron; lines; rounds; J. C. Bayles, Microscopic Analysis of the Structures of Iron and Steel (1882-83)
272 running landscape rounds; Sachiko Yoshimiya
273 snowday rounds; snow; Sachiko Yoshimiya
274 he was, or were, 1 incompletion; lexicon; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
275 he was, or were, 2  
276 The supreme test of any metal is a test to destruction.  
277 Ingotism has not been entirely removed.  
278 none of these conditions may definitely be assigned as the cause of failure, but
279 The universal hammer was used in the instrument. brass, cartridge; hardness; lots, good and bad; segregation; Watertown Arsenal
280 what plans, where plans, without plans  
281 everies. exact.  
282 also 2 locks of blonde hair, at the letter v absences; R. G. Green; hair; index rerum
283 horsefly mercury, see quicksilver  
284 plate shears, 28:1.  
285 intake  
286 just because because, just; dance; Sadakichi Hartmann
287 experimental notation  
288 experimental notation, 2  
289 soundings, but where  
290 of sounding, of water  
291 carrying on the good work asphalt; infrastructure, P. J. M. Larrañaga
292 more the’s lexicon; telegraphic codes; Edmund Peycke, Edmund; stands; the’s; theories
293 determinations, 1  
294 determinations, 2  
295 determinations, 3  
296 to derive, descried  
297 determinations, 4  
298 crusted ores, paragenesis  
299 propellers, 1  
300 propellers, 2  
301 propellers, 3  
302 cotton, 1  
303 quantities and time  
304 walking hardware store hardware; peddler; Wide World Photo;
305 photograph of a storm  
306 and dust storms  
307 etched in memory  
308 just a signal  
309 Mr. Francini's Pump  
310 for I hate to see them foul.  
311 emnants, er trimmed  
312 molar shades  
313 cycling culture ZA!  
314 which will hardly be imagined real physical entities  
315 a drift, of rivers  
316 but mud settles  
317 whereas everyone understands words  
318 and each of the damaged books has now become a cherished object
319 lithography 1  
320 N, and the attendant phaenomena  
321 for more read mere addenda; analogies, general; corrigenda; mere; more; mortality
322 neither direct nor conclusive  
323 neither direct nor conclusive, 2  
324 neither direct nor conclusive, 3  
325 where is no cognition, spatial; exercises; lingodroids; toponyms; wheres
326 out of the melt, 1  
327 out of the melt, 2  
328 as, or running smooth  
329 identity of spectral lines  
330 asphalt pat-paper test 1  
331 asphalt pat-paper test 2  
332 asphalt pat-paper test 3  
333 asphalt pat-paper test 4  
334 arcana of nature, 1  
335 war colors, 1  
336 war colors, 2  
337 this poisonous salt gradually becomes available as the film wears down; exposure; foulings; paint; salt; salts; Henry A. Gardner, Marine Paints (1916)
338 weathering 101  
339 map of W, SP, J., and A  
340 trees, ideas, vague ideas Rebecca Ashwell; commonplace book; corrections; ideas; index; squirrels; Emma Swannell
341 Flora Rebecca Ashwell; commonplace book; curves; flora; index
342 on the trail of a ghost  
343 and tables are given tables; Wyndam Beawes, Lex Mercatoria Rediviva: Or, The Merchant’s Directory (1743)
344 Sekiya’s Wires  
345 returns and  
346 (young) ice tracks  
347 level-ice, floes of  
348 if (altered)  
349 out of the melt, 3  
350 chalcocite glances  
351 fractures in all directions, but outside  
352 cirrus, petrified  
353 it would have missed the pool entirely economic geology; those were the days; structure; Wirt Franklin; Kenneth C. Heald; Carroll H. Wegemann
354 some of the more highly colored varieties  
355 islands of ice, 1  
356 islands of ice, 2  
357 these are strange phenomena and  
358 a different area  
359 to say the least, ambiguous  
360 as the melt cools  
361 notes  
362 a knot of sentence parts, 1  
363 a knot of sentence parts, 2  
364 slow cirrus, or ice field/td>  
365  foraging, 1  
366 foraging, 2  
367 scribble, 1  
368 waveless, waveson, wavesworn  
369 lines, 14  
370 lines, 15 alphabet; curves; lines; submarine telegraphy; wandering zero
371 lines, 16  
372 muds  
373 mind (see also matter)  
374 mudwort, two of  
375 sand  
376 foredge flow D. W. Church; engineering; erosion; improvements; Missouri River; notations
377 canebrake whats brick; canebrakes; extracts; marginalia; whats
378 ut minima, maximum facit  
379 ut minima, maximum facit (2)  
380 and are strange  
381 a grammar of the prairie  
382 notes to self  
383 with some unusual changes in the visual fields  
384 errors, diagnostic  
385 it proved, however, microscopically normal in every respect; a girl of four years; landscape; opthalmology; rounds; O. F. Wadsworth
386 might as well think of  
387 blind borrowings, bold, both alike  
388 blinded blunt, bolder, both at once, both to book  
389 and every case should be watched as an experiment  
390 ocular manifestations  
391 ocular manifestations, 2  
392 on sheets of lead, 1  
393 on sheets of lead, 2  
394 on sheets of lead, 3  
395 on sheets of lead, 4  
396 bare ruined choirs  
397 close to the flookan  
398 and few survive to enter the cavity  
399 many, 1  
400 many, 2  
401 many, 3  
402 many, 4  
403 other curves wave in a curious manner  
404 many, 5  
405 reversals, 1  
406 folding, faulting, and brecciation, 1  
407 folding, faulting, and brecciation, 2  
408 induration, by weathering  
409 may have been dissolved away  
410 an ample field for  
411 untitled  
412 somewhere or other, somehow or other  
413 at sea  
414 return.  
415 emulsions, 1  
416 Nacis Nali Cafiu Georges Boucher de Boucherville, Dictionnaire du langage des nombres (1889); mud
417 mudscape deserts; mud; muds; temps perdu; John Macdonald (1817)
418 tar sands  
419 mud flats  
420 afters, 1  
421 afters, 2  
422 drawings from thin sections, D  
423 drawings from thin sections, B  
424 drawings from thin sections, A  
425 upon closer inspection, 1  
426 upon closer inspection, 2  
427 Lubos Lubus / Wave to Wave George Boucher de Boucherville, Dictionnaire du langage des nombres (1889); cinquains; waves
428 drawn by themselves  
429 Gone / For the sake of  
430 Gocis Cocos / thence on the other side  
431 a distraction, like any other  
432  erotic, in lieu of. 1  
433 and apparently "just because."  
434 in search for a suitable  
435 erotic, in lieu of. 2  
436 or, in other words, a limited species...  
437 or, in other words. 2  
438 or, in other words. 3  
576 何でも hardware; iron; tools; China
678 on account of moonlight, twilight or clouds E. S. Holden; astronomical messages; becauses; on accounts; telegraphic codes
690 its bitter, useless waters J. Smeaton Chase; memory; mud; tire jetty; Salton Sea; memory
691 its bitter, useless waters, 2 Edith Summers Kelley; deserts; memory; Salton Sea; water
692 its bitter, useless waters, 3 Edith Summers Kelley; deserts; memory; Salton Sea; water
693 lithograph desert; erasures; faults; lithography; memory; Oak Grove; porosities; rock
694 its bitter, useless waters, 4 G. Wharton James; illusion; mirage; prospecting; salt; Salton Sea; water
695 its bitter, useless waters, 5 G. Wharton James; desert; deserts; more or less thick with; mud; playa; Salton Sea; water
696 its bitter, useless waters, 6 J. S. Russell; littoral; memory; rounds; waves; waves of translation
697 its bitter, useless waters, 7 Antony Réal; rounds; stick; sticks; Salton Sea
698 that heap of sand-atoms J. Smeaton Chase; artefactual clouds; deserts; halftone dots; obscurity; sand
  all posts 0397 through 0725 are available, but not yet indexed here.  
726 the outer curve of which W. G. Smeeth; Spinoza; Yannis Kyriakides; curves; feeling unfeeling; pitchstone; quartz; rounds
727 a smooth workmanlike finish H. M. Hobart; Claude Glass; breathing test; steel; tests
728 then at least H. M. Hobart; Georgina Harding; at leasts; breathing test; ohne worte; steel; tests
729 nothing in themselves H. M. Hobart; Georgina Harding; William Cronon; alumina; metallurgy; steel; streaks
730 streaks and marks marks; steel; streaks; tests; Watertown Arsenal
731 streaks and marks, 2 marks; steel; streaks; tests; Watertown Arsenal
732 breaks and inclusions alumina; breaks and inclusions; defects; metallurgy; steel; August B. Wilson; Claude Glass
1543 foreign material E. O'Toole; coal; drama; fields; misconstruals; sand; skiagraphy; spots; waves; worried landscape
1544 Fig. 8, from “C” coal seam E. O'Toole; abstraction; coal; skiagraphy; tables
  all posts 1545 through 1596 are available, but not yet indexed here.  
1597 of which the subject is usually not aware Frederick Peterson; Morton Prince; blue; co-consciousness; figures; latihan; split-off dissociated ideas
1869 and eafless. densely eafless; leaves; onsonants; Anna Botsford Comstock, Butterfly Acquaintances (1912)
1870 in on sonance with the evidence ð error; ð; nonsense; onsonants; Peter Handke
1871 as usual scribble; Peter Handke
1872 so too in sense lists; sense; nonsense; stains; Josephine Miles
1873 discuss paradise, disembody providence couplets; latihan; mining; telegraphic codes; Last Chance; Oro Denoro; Rambler; X.-Ray
1874 roseate, water works latihan; meander; oceanic; sensate; sense; telegraphic codes; water; water works
1875 jury duty corrugation; paths; Paul Celan
1876 notitia notitia; walking; Rachel Cusk; Peter Handke; Merve Emre
1877 only the betweens apropos of nothing; between; betweens; latihan; non sequitur; orts
1880 あすなろ floor japan; ohne worte
1881 どうでもいいのに box; horses; japan; うま
1888 as there was between objects drift; landschaft; non sequitur; paper; too much space between; David Malouf
1889 a weed called slaugh arrivals; borders; drift; driftage; frames; sky; weather; John Bryan, Narrative of (1768)
1890 driftage might, and the driftage of drift; driftage; latihan; oceanic; G. H. Kinahan
1891 was not, or less so less; less so; so
1892 glimpse of land, and clearing; clearings; glimpse; Charles Henry Eden; David Malouf
1893 chatter chatter; ghosts; ohne worte; 1chome10
1894 chatter (on the other hand) chatter; ghosts; ohne worte; on the other hand; 1chome10
1895 as soees seees; ’ow, if ’orses be horses; lists; off ’is ’orses; nonsense; onsense; George Moore; Robert Seethaler
1896 atangle horses; orange; tangle; うま; wire
1903 came and went atmospheres; then leaves unbent; birds; departures; returns
1904 wave action, zone of coal; littoral; un; waves; David White; Reinhardt Thiessen
1905 the altered character of light light; nil; telegraphic codes; Hamburg-Amerika Linie & Norddeutscher Lloyd, Telegraphic Code (1935)
1906 wratchet werds the cuts tell the story; latihan; umquhile; wratchet; ad; this wratcheit lyfe
1907 titration fracking; method; NYT; offset; titration
1908 22 count; lines; littoral; ohne worte; stichometry; un; 22
1909 would it be green or dry dark; dark sound sunk; lumber; sound; telegraphic codes; un; unsound; Henry Piaggio
1910 this distrust of any clouding and yet; clouds; drift; flagging & fumbling; littoral; a sail; Virginia Woolf, The Pargiters (abandoned 1932)
1911 two ships, three ships failure; ruination; telegraphic codes; Henry Piaggio
1912 between wind and water rivers; telegraphic codes; wind; Henry Piaggio
1913 unc, unca, see unco ghosts; lexicon; mutability; rosettes; un; unco; Abram Room; Joseph Wright
1914 66 ɛðərings; ohne worte; postmarked; 66
1915 co lisions accident; dots; interference; ohne worte; postmarked
1916 adows, ow interference; shadows; slow
1917 cuneolis, tins of at a stand-still; on the lines of; scribble; telegraphic codes; Word Code for Foreign State Telegrams (1903)
1918 delitori, on the hills ɛðərings; obscurity; relief; terrain; telegraphic codes; Word Code for Foreign State Telegrams (1903)
1919 beyond a radius of tide tables radii; tables; tides; telegraphic codes; Word Code for Foreign State Telegrams (1903)
1920 luting. light. figura; filament; filing; incandescence; light; luting; 200 watts; W. W. Will, Prescription Reading (1898)
1921 water, and water; cell after cell a certain erratic course; decay; lumber; method; timber; water; Francis Ernest Lloyd
1922 fragmente der moral adrift; afloat; margins; mistakes' telegraphic codes; Word Code for Foreign State Telegrams (1903)
1923 placente pleroticum betweens; interruption; seas; telegraphic codes; Word Code for Foreign State Telegrams (1903)
1924 S, a land edges; margins; mere; water; CPW
1925 waiting for rain notes; rain; scribble; waiting; Xu Bing
1926 from ευ well; τήκειν to melt bloom; eutectic; latihan; melt; metallurgy; quiet
1927 Salon des Boiseries Salon des Boiseries; slow; un; windows; FT
1928 unindations excess; un; Jessica J. Lee
1929 undermer deeps; un; under
1930 reduced to an intuition graphite; rust; scratches; scribble; Marilynne Robinson
1931 order in any form lexicon; order; rust; scratches; scribble; temporary; Marilynne Robinson
1932 and even that difference apropos of nothing; dust; non sequitur; rust; Ruth; scribble; usts; water; Marilynne Robinson
1933 thing thought, write today cinema; film; latihan; lists; Motion Picture Classics
1934 islands, or lakes. roulette. apropos of nothing; archipelago; islands; roulette; telegraphic codes; Passenger's Cable Code (1895, 97)
1935 graphitic matter. matter-fangled, extirely. graphite; matter; muddles; in incipient dotage; muddle-headed, confused.
1936 ø dust; hemispheres; ohne worte; rust; scribble; usts; ø
1937 øø detritus; margins; ohne worte; rust; usts; ø
1938 I caught myself staring at nothing. evening; littoral; waves; 6; Alexander Cozens, Principles of beauty relative to the human head (1777, 78)
1939 the whole problem of punctuation commas; dark; punctuation; semicolons; stenography; J. D. Logan, Quantitative Punctuation (1907)
1940 / non sequitur; remington; rubbing; scribble; plans; North German Lloyd Passengers’ Cable Code (1907)
1941 rounds, spills, blots asphalt; blots; rounds; scribble; spills
1942 meanwhile, a accident; horizon; leakage; meanwhile; ohne worte; rounds; stains; 3x5
1943 Loutré non sequitur; scribble; Shadowland; Loutré; Lisa Ysaye Tarleau
1944 may antoms at brighton reach, through antoms of alliteration; an; atoms; e; ignis fatuus; matter; antimatter; OCR misreads; un
1945 weathering weathering; swimming; blue
1946 in extent, a few a few; digital processes; method; transitional characters; water; Clara Langenbeck
1947 elaborate shapes all over drawing; non sequitur; shapes; Clara Langenbeck; Marilynne Robinson
1948 or later it floats down colloquial scientific discourse; mycetozoa; kleinsten erblicken; Clara Langenbeck; Goethe; couplets
1949 blue steppe, two step adrift; dark; mutability; seas; steppe; Marilynne Robinson
1950 a well known Engine us’d both on Land and at Sea at sea; engines; glossographia; hard words; method; to land at sea
1951 very faint at first; steady but woolly abandoned; difficulties; faint; latihan; neptune; observations; precision imprecision; abandonment
1952 and a piece of cheese, the weeds latihan; ness: nonsense; quatrains; shoulds; shouldness; subjunctives
1953 aught water water
1954 and not the true sheer wouldness ness; optatives; quatrains; would; woulds; wouldness
1955 could ness and diarnot see ness; could; coulds; couldness
1956 Oldness (ould'-ness) ould; ness
1957 for a, sora lyric; ohne worte; sora=sky; stumped; Anne Boyer
1958 ひも, noth. ing but ひも; ness; non sequitur; OCR misreads; string; American Railroad Journal (1833)
1959 劇場 rust; signs; theatrics; 劇場; Osaka
1960 viewt mirrors; motoring; sky; Viewt; Kyoto
1961 the tyranny of structurelessness media; structurelessness; Jo Freeman; The Tyranny of Structurelessness
1962 kind of a non sequitur frost; non sequitur; tone; typography; windows; Peter Saville
1963 un-words, sad-words, uncomely cloudburst words happenings; rot; telegraphic codes; un; Arnold's Code No. 20 (1903)
1964 or even the apropos of nothing; littoral; nonsense; 84; The Treasury of Knowledge and Library of Reference (1836)
1965 eventually ever, every now and then latihan; poles; telegraphic codes; James Edwin Dempsey, The Southwestern Telegraphic Code (1919)
1966 oies arenthetical arentheticals; curves; latihan; OCR misreads; tercets
1967 some instances arentheticals; hands; instances; sometimes the pieces don't quite fit together; ntheticals
1968 drawings, nowhere arrivals; latihan; remington; Henry Harvey's A.B.C. Domestic Code (2nd ed., 1885); Elizabeth Hardwick
1969 soft, years inimal; minimal; notes; orts; scribble; soft
1970 soft, years 2 archives; orting; scribble; soft; sorting; years; shadows; Hollis Frampton; David Gatten
1971 ólios Appari; impulse of light; scribble; Elizabeth Hardwick
1972 COMWT / We are communicating with dots; interference; mimeograph; periods; telegraphic codes; Farm Credit Administration (1934)
1973 the same side, the opposite side and somewhere in between; apropos of nothing; offset; NYT
1974 shadowland asides; littoral; shadows; Shadowland; Sunset Magazine
1975 in the air allegorical became, because allegory; latihan; telegraphic codes; J. M. Coetzee; Fairchild's Illustrated Women's Wear Code (1921)
1976 cockle one code among many, coiffure hair; telegraphic codes; J. M. Coetzee; Fairchild's Illustrated Women's Wear Code (1921)
1977 across water across; non sequitur; plains; scratches; water; Gerald Murnane
1978 and offset anymore; blotches; marginalia; NYT; offset; Gerald Murnane
1979 an altogether different task current reading; indirection; scribble; Gerald Murnane
1980 cochineal coffee; indigos, many co-conscious; indigo; nonsense; OCR misreads; rhubarb
1981 autology autology; fishing; found; lost; old papers; pshaw; roy used to say; tautology
1982 pneumatic theory breath; CLUI; horizon; mereology; mixture; pneuma; Emanuele Coccia
1983 vert cartography; post-its; vert; whelm; whelve
1984 the ghost in the machine dance; dots; ghosts; ink; leakage; the ghost in the machine; カラオケ
1985 which is not, however cable; deflection; indirection; local color; method; windows
1986 º º ohne worte; rounds
1987 lease each end, plenty of water a continuous coherent sequence; lease; near; telegraphic codes; yarn; yarp; Gerald Murnane
1988 out of the water currents; odic currents; odic theory; mirrors; non sequitur; telegraphy; Latham Smith
1989 for help in drawing up this index, 1-4 index; escape; not; Rachel Alcock; AC
1990 for help in drawing up this index, 5-8 index; romance; wheat; Rachel Alcock; AC
1991 for help in drawing up this index, 9-12 a prize; index; Rachel Alcock; AC
1992 for help in drawing up this index, 13-16 confraternity; index; Rachel Alcock; AC
1993 for help in drawing up this index, 17-20 index; spurious second part; uncooperative texts; Rachel Alcock; AC
1994 mesalignment mesalignment; scribble; Tanguy Eeckhout; Ilse D'Hollander; Raoul De Keyser
1995 screbblings awnderings; missings; nonsense; points; screbble; scribble; OCR misreads
1996 the psychology of color approximate poetry; fresh water; grays; greys; psychology of color; turns; whys
1997 ten tative answers ten questions to ask when creating a visualization; method; scribble; visualization
1998 c aught apropos of nothing; caught; eucalyptus; grays; walls; Gerald Murnane

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