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While working with hands I thought about Buddhist hand gestures or mudras. In Buddhism mudras symbolize different ideas such as blessings, charity, argument, knowledge, etc. Since Buddhism is a traditional religion in China, using mudras could add more meaning to my designs.

Using Buddhist symbolism could also lead my project into including the Tibetan Freedom movement. Below I have links to more information about mudras and Tibet.

Short explanations with images

More Mudras
Longer explanations

Free Tibet
Official website

Tibetan Independence Movement

History and other information about Tibet and the independence movement

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Freedom of expression in China

Citizens of the People’s Republic of China enjoy freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, and of demonstration. #AskShiTao

Revised statement/proposal here.


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Here are some more hand sketches. Only some have text incorporated (very roughly), but they give the idea of how I am trying to use text. The text used in these are selected from The Analects by Confucius.






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More visuals

Based on feedback about my first image/poster/visual, I have been focusing on images of hands and contemplating how I can incorporate text from my various sources (The Analects, Chinese constitution, articles, books, etc.) with them to convey my message. Below are just some hands I have “sketched.”

This would reference internet censorship and possibly Shi Tao or his particular story using the keys to display the text:

This would possibly hold a weapon of some sort made up of text:

I was envisioning the handcuffs as being illustrated using text:

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Progress on visuals

Here is my first go at creating a visual for what I have been reading about all semester. It’s something I’ve had in my head for a while and I wanted to get out. The text is copied from the section of the Chinese constitution that outlines the Chinese citizen’s right to freedom of speech, press, assembly, etc. The rest is pretty straightforward.



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Unique marketing

I have still been reading about China and constitutions, as well as a little about the Free Papua movement in Indonesia where Filep Karma is serving a 15-year prison sentence for raising a flag at a peaceful independence rally.

Following my review last week I have also been looking and unique marketing campaigns. The ones I’ve seen are mostly advertisements for products and companies, but I have been getting inspiration and ideas for what I will actually design/make for my project.

From what I’ve seen, I find the idea of guerrilla advertising most intriguing. As consumers, mostly we see 2-dimentional, rectangular advertising on billboards, on screen, and in magazines and we become desensitized to the formula. Marketing campaigns that can break this mold are more likely to be noticed. I particularly like the ads that incorporate or invite some kind of interaction from the consumer and ones that interact cleverly with the environment they are placed in.

Some that I like in particular are the 3M Security Glass and Nike “Gone Running” ads on the above link as well as these from some other websites:

Wonderbra magazine advertisment

Papa John’s door sticker

First Aid Day awareness

This is not to say that 2-dimentional design is ineffective, in fact I also came across another website that compiled 39 advertisement “masterpieces.” I even found a unique petition that Amnesty International had designed for one of its campaigns


The petition is signed and folded into a paper airplane.


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prisoners of conscience: research

Now that I have more or less nailed down a topic for my project, I have begun research. I have started by reading some articles about Chinese internet censorship as it pertains to Shi Tao. I think it is necessary to learn how other companies have complied with Chinese censorship and how the Chinese are about to censor their citizens so effectively.

So far I have found out a lot. Such as how China actually has a section of its constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech, press, religion, protest, and criticism of the government. However since the constitution isn’t ratified, technically the government doesn’t need to abide by it. Just that it exists, though, means that they can deny censorship happening at all. In other words, “it’s against the constitution so it’s not happening.”

I am beginning my research with Shi Tao and Chinese censorship and I plan on researching one or two other political prisoners. I haven’t decided who yet, though. It will probably another one of Amnesty’s Prisoners of Conscience, but I have also been looking checking out the Reporters Without Borders website that Ari showed us in class.

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