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ever failed.




All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. (detail)

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ever tried




All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. (detail)

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illegible blueprints


Revised thesis statement here.


For reference —
paintings done in high school: Piano Key Spiral, Part Bowl, Decision Making
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two sentences.




All of old. Nothing else ever. (detail)

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a sentence.




All of old. (detail)

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a turn in the maze : typographic floor plans


Typographic Virtual Floor Plans

An assignment I enjoyed as a sophomore, in Design Stories, was to choose a word from a given list and alter the word somehow that was significant to the word’s meaning. I chose the expression ‘echoic memory,’ and with this I set out to make a new unique kind of design. I typed out the word rather large, using the font Century Schoolbook, created outlines around each letter, and chopped up each letter and created a pathway, or a blueprint, of the word ‘echoic memory.’ I later used this method in bookbinding with my own name.

I would like to continue experimenting with this technique in Seminar. Once the letter of a word or name is chopped up and arranged in a certain way, it gives birth to a sort of virtual interior landscape, a labyrinth, a floor design, a world with walls and borders and rooms that continuously flows. I will initially limit my experimentation to flat surfaces, working with the interior spaces created by the lines and shapes, creating zones and exploiting them in various ways.

I may continue the experiment by creating 3D models, or making a a short movie that scrolls through the words.

19 September 2011

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