Lana Wheeler

Color and clothes-closets

I started with my interest in the spaces we live in and around — how we create these spaces and whether these spaces in turn influence our lives and if so, how. I am interested in the objects we fill these spaces with and how we arrange the objects in these spaces.

I am choosing to start with clothes-closets. I am collecting visual information by drawing color separations of the what is inside the closets. I first draw (in black) those forms of one color, and then of another, and so on, and later combine these as layers to create a composite image of the closet.

One of my texts is Mary Brooks Picken, her The Secrets of Distinctive Dress (1918). It’s on Google Books; I’ll soon have a physical copy as well. I may be incorporating or otherwise working with material from this book, or other similar texts, in my work.

The closet, of course, has a variety of senses; it relates to “cabinet,” which was a woman’s small private room.

October 10, 2011


Why do environments influence personalities?

I want to research environments, built, natural or made up, to learn about their structures, how and why they were built, how they are influenced by their surrounding natural environments as well as how they influence the individuals who live amongst them. Why are certain environments built the way they are and who decided? Why do environments change the way people act?

I want to compare places like when at the office compared to when at a baseball game. How individuals act when in a church to how they act in their house. A library or a restaurant/bar. All these places have specific ways of transforming personalities so that people act a certain way when they are surrounded by these environments.

I plan on making visuals through taking photographs, creating digital and possibly 3D representations of these personalities and environments. I like to create strange angles and perspectives when taking photographs and making designs so I think this will fit the topic I chose well. I will be able to show the perspectives of these personalities as well as show the structures of these environments and how they relate.

I am interested in how people act and their individual personalities and how they easily change depending on surrounding environments. I am also interested in the structures that we live in and around, so I think by mixing these two interests into one focus, I will be able to create really intriguing visuals and come up with unique information based on this idea.


Julie Mehretu

Gary S. Becker and Kevin M. Murphy. Social Economics: Market Behavior in a Social Environment. Harvard University Press, 2001
Gary Becker and Kevin Murphy present a testable, analytic framework for measuring how
people make choices by including the social environment along with standard goods and services in
their utility functions. These extended utility functions provide a way of analyzing how changes in the
social environment affect people’s choices and behaviors. More important, they also provide a way of
analyzing how the social environment itself is determined by the interactions of individuals.

Handbook of environmental psychology / edited by Robert Bechtel and Arza Churchman. New
York : J. Wiley & Sons, c2002.

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  1. John


    It is the ambition of every girl to be a happy and respected member of her household. Orderliness and promptness in the care of her clothing and room and the habit of being well dressed and on time are sure indications of a fine family spirit. All girls are interested, too, in looking their best. Neatness and good grooming contribute greatly toward one’s appearance, but unless her well-laundered and well-pressed clothes are properly taken care of, the energy a girl spends on her appearance is mostly wasted for she will neither look nor feel her best.Then, too, it is natural for every girl to wish her room to be attractive, in addition to her desire to appear well herself, and to have the respect of her family. But all these desires can scarcely be brought to fulfillment uless there is a convenient, well-equipped storage place for clothing…”

    ex Nancy McNeal Roman, Clothes Closets and their Equipment (IV. The Girl’s Room Series for 4-H Club Work; Cornell Junior Extension Bulletin 53 (October 1935), p4

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