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concentration : Animation and Interactive Media

For my senior thesis project, I am going to do an animation that takes the full year to plan out, design, storyboard, and finally animate. During the summer I narrowed down what I wanted to do from three original choices. I have decided that I will be making an animation based on a pre-existing story. Two stories that were on my mind were The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing and The Tortoise and the Hare, both Aesop’s Fables. Now I have decided to take on the challenge of combining the two stories together. I have a vague idea of how the story will go and will refine this and finish planning this part out soon. I will also be making a schedule for myself so I have deadlines to work towards this semester. For instance, in about a week and half, I will hopefully have all the character designing finished, followed by a guide to their facial expressions, and then animated turnarounds. I want the pre-production work on this to be done by the time we have Thanksgiving break so that I have a few extra weeks at the end of this semester to start the animation itself, rather than splitting the pre-production and animation 50/50. I will be uploading the sketches I am already shown in class, and will upload the final character sketches once I get those finished.

14 September 2011


I have a few ideas for my senior project, the first is to tell a story of my own creation while trying to insert various forms of animation into the same piece and making it flow nicely (i.e. transitions from flash animation to stop motion, etc.) A second idea, something suggested to me that I’m interested in, is an adaption of an already existing story. A third idea is to develop another educational piece, much like my recent work at Van Ness Creative, or my final.

I aim to give my animations lots of heart. Something that when you see it, you will know I made it. I have spent a lot of time during my studies here trying to expand my skills and get out of my comfort zone and this year have succeeded in doing so. I have been trying to show off my work in many ways, including creating my own YouTube channel, and submitting to an Animation Festival. I had a paying job at Van Ness Creative this past year and hope to return there in the fall to meet my internship requirement. My work has almost entirely been of my own concept, writing, and execution, and I know I need more experience working with other people.

My work is mostly based in Adobe Flash, but I frequently try to push the boundaries of what the program can do as I strive to make my own aesthetic, I pride in myself for my study of motion and timing and my ability to convey it in my work.  In the past year of classes I have learned Final Cut Pro, combined 2D animation with live footage for the first time, created education pieces, and have had to stretch the limits of my imagination in challenging assignments. I know that it’s expected that my work should get better, but I’m very happy with my work this year.

Senior Design Seminar provides the opportunity to have the entire year to produce a piece of work. I have strong time management skills, and now it’s time to put that to the test. I will be taking seminar twice, so I intend to spend one semester doing the research, development and pre-production  (storyboards, character designs, turnarounds, and animatics) of an animation, and the second semester actually producing it. Focusing on one animation for the whole year will be a challenge. I want to push myself to make the highest quality work I can and the seminar makes it possible to set this long-term goal.

Deciding between these ideas will be a tough choice, so I intend to get started doing research over the summer. I can find an interesting topic to research or a story to adapt to my liking. I will sketch out drafts of how the animation will flow and by the time I get back I will be ready for the semester of work I have ahead of me, as I start the pre-production of my piece.

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15 May 2011

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  1. Randi Giles

    Hey Zac, I enjoyed your animations. Beautiful World looks great, and I liked the one about the stars. I think it is really awesome how you appear and narrate in your own work.

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