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wallpaper for coffee shop

Kara wallpaper (for coffee shop)

Kara Guttadauro
Coffee Blueprint
This wallpaper design is fit for a rustic looking coffee shop, one that has exposed beams, wood pieces, and a relaxing feeling. The wallpaper is designed to look as if it was a blueprint and the images in it to resemble common coffee shop items. This would be a sit down coffee shop so that people can admire the different line work in the wallpaper and the choices of the work.

wallpaper for assisted living center

Amy wallpaper (for assisted living center), version 1

Amy wallpaper (for assisted living center), version 2

Amy wallpaper (for assisted living center), version 3

Amy wallpaper (for assisted living center), version 4

Amy Chan
wallpaper for assisted living center
The wallpaper created is for assisted living homes. Assisted living homes can sometimes stray away from feeling like an actual home and more like a hotel room. The choice of color is very important making sure the environment does not represent a hospital-like facility. In his Color, Environment, & Human Response (1996), Frank Mahnke explains the colors associated with health care facilities. Bright colors and dark tones are not ideal considering if a patient has a mental disorder. We have to find a balance in between to block out the loudness of color and also steer away from an institutional sense. When it comes to assisted living homes it can be difficult due to aesthetic preferences. A person is leaving the freedom of there home to another home with others around and it can almost feel artificial.

The wallpaper I have created is simple outlines of leaves but I did not want a clutter of them like floral wallpapers. The leaves are gigantic in order to convey that sense of space along with the mutual color tone to help reduce the loudness of the leaves in size. I created a wallpaper that is silent in order to blend into the background, enough so it does not cause too much attention unless you look closely. I kept the pattern simple to allow a sense of comfort and flow.

analytical prototype / prospectus

Develop a prospectus/analytical prototype of a design solution — or approaches — to a problem (or gap). The solution need not be a designed artifact, but may be a service, or set of procedures (that may involve some artifacts).

The analytical prototype/prospectus may work as a “think piece,” opening a topic up, giving it a larger framework. Its proposed solution(s) is/are mainly models, things around which a conversation can be encouraged, yielding new ideas, agreements, concrete plans (or even the decision to have *no* plan, and even to do nothing).

Your guide is to be the procedures outlined in the chapters of Ulrich that we have read.

user experience or other gap
problem definition
exploration of features that might address that problem
selection of features
design(s) (prototypes, sketches, models)

The final deliverable is a prospectus document, printed or web/adaptive (if printed, multiple pages, may be 8.5 x 11 inches), in which you discuss a perceived gap, definition of the problem, exploration of alternatives, and selection/development of a plan.

Draft (nearly done) materials due Monday 7 May, when they will go on the Hardie 2F wall. These materials would include the prospectus, and any supporting imagery/references, which may be large size. The wall presentations may have a work-in-progress feel. Final (document) due Wednesday 9 May.

We have printed examples of these prospectuses from recent years; see also the Design Stories archive for recent years.