update 6 February 2016

for today —

Read Ulrich Chapter 2, “Problem Solving and Design.”
and present emblem exercise.

last week —

Gui Bonsieppe. “Visual-Verbal Rhetoric” in his Interface : An Approach to Design (1999) : 69-82
Aristotle, Art of Rhetoric (J. H. Freese translation, 1967) : marked passages in pages 13-41
Plato, the passage entitled “Rhetoric, Actual and Ideal,” from The Phaedrus (266d-274)
the passage in Castiglione’s The Courtier (1528), on the art that hides its art, but the dangers thereof.
Robin Kinross, on the “modern”, in Fellow Readers (1994) — “…an immaculate surface that leaves no room for dialogue…”

Wednesday, we considered the Renaissance (and later) emblem form (Alciati to the present), and the idea of the ABC structure (motto, allegorical image, secondary/explanatory text). We also looked for triadic forms in magazine ads, and found them everywhere.

a quick exercise —

develop three emblems, one (textual) element of which should incorporate a phrase from our reading on and around rhetoric, and design. no size limit. ideally, the emblems will, in their unique configurations of elements, lead to or encourage new knowledge and/or ideas.