current understanding

Here are my (John’s) understandings of our analytical prototype/prospectus ideas, as of 26 April 2017.

user experience or other gap
problem definition
exploration of features that might address that problem
selection of features

Coral Azevedo
currency / indigenous peoples

gap :
understanding of what it has taken, in terms of exploitation, colonialism, etc., to develop the economic system in which currency takes its meaning.
earlier forms of currency / promise of payment that were displaced, by that economic system.

currency, inspired by/depicting means of exchange for three indigenous groups in North America
Hawaiian islanders

risks :
ethnic etc stereotypes.
which groups included/excluded

need to present as suggestion only, or even work of political art, because of politics of whom to represent, and how

Kaleigh Brann
currency / women and labor

gap : poor awareness of women/money/labor issues?
what are those issues?
problem : need to define

women and work
value of dollar different, for different people (groups); dollar represents 20% more labor than it does to men

stay-at-home mother/parents (unpaid, unrecognized labor)
National Shirtwaist fire
Rosy the Riveter

are these too specific?

[continue to think something about relative value of $1 is important to show, visually]

Morgan O’Connor
student studio space

absence of place for students to work
(Morgan is one of those who use the tables recently provided in Hardie 2F central area)

student studio space
rationale : productivity
relationship to other spaces (living, library, studio/classroom)

moveable walls?
what kinds of spaces, for what kinds of activity?

presentation : conceptual (variations)

specific (e.g., design, at Montserrat, in Hardie Building)

Jeremy Rodas
neighborhood zoning app

for neighborhood activists, to equalize their knowledge vis-à-vis real estate developers, urban planners, etc.
Air BnB
liquor stores
ethnic, etc.
ease of use

Jade Ruscio
currency / trade (?) flows

gap :
problem definition :

flows (as in Edward Tufte)
of manufactured exports in a given year
better : flow, of trade or population, at three points in time

get data (where)

Courtney Ryan
“nomadic” space separator / identifier

gap :
imperfect dorm space, dysfunctional community (list factors)

experimental (experimental living, communes, etc)
not for everyone (elective)

for dorms, but elsewhere too

other factors :
complementarity with other categories of space (at school: studio space, library/living room, studio and liberal arts classrooms)

privacy vs community

encourage a different, more mobile/nomadic, orientation to living space.
space / delimitation of space alone, as solution?
hints encouraging different attitude(s) to space?

what does one need? how much? when (does it vary from hour to hour, day to day?)

assumptions :
separate storage space

physical features :
hanging (requires fixtures in ceiling)
teepee, tents
easily set up, removed

Issey Miyake pleats please
nomadic living (tents, seasonal movement)
Japan: tatami living, put things away when not in use

Harrison Turner
currency / cash crops

gap / objective
reminder of basics underlying economic activity

cash crops

aesthetics / treat purely as design (abstract ornament)
make these beautiful, a worthy competitor to credit cards, applepay, etc.
slow (rather than accelerate) spending
make transaction an interesting exchange

Frank Lloyd Wright his wheat (etc) wooden blocks; abstraction
Brosterman’s Inventing Kindergarten

commodity money