5. aesthetics. form and function.


For Wednesday 21 February, read Ulrich chapter 7, Aesthetics.
What is the role of aesthetics in design? Where does it come into play? How does it relate to terms like elegance, or even sprezzatura?

Two recent essays by Frank Chimero might relate to this —
Every thing easy is hard again
The Good Room

and this, from computer scientist and writer David Gelernter * in Machine Beauty (1998) —

Beauty is important in engineering terms because software is so complicated. Complexity makes programs hard to build and potentially hard to use; beauty is the ultimate defense against complexity.

form and function

And be thinking about a room, in which wallpaper might play a role. What might that role be, for that particular room? What goes on in that room? Who uses it, and who does not? What is the energy level of the room?