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cutouts no 3

cutouts 3

cutouts no 4

cutouts 4

cutouts no 6

cutouts 6

cutouts no 8

cutouts 8

cutouts no 7

cutouts 7

cutouts no 5

cutouts 5

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stencil no 1

this is the first stencil i made- i’ll be using it to cut and paint with on various materials and surfaces. starting this weekend.

map 2

map 2

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cut paper



8 1/2 x 11






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been drawing and cutting. I’ve put the printing on hold for now. playing around with layers. more to come


1. drawing on top


2. map on top


3. cut outs


4. shadows creating a sense of 3 dimensions

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I’ve continued drawing with pen on vellum but I switched from cells to maps. There was a messiness about the drawings that I wasn’t happy with. I think of precision and clean straight lines when I think of maps and I wasn’t achieving that with pen. I really like the process of tracing on the vellum and working with my hands, but I wanted to try something different. I started printing on vellum instead. Instead of putting a lot of work into creating my own maps, grids, or designs in Illustrator, I wanted to test out how the vellum would work in the printer and how the ink would print on it first. It might have ended up being more work to try to find large enough images, and edit them in photoshop to make them transparent, but I was so happy when the vellum went through the printer with no problems. I also photocopied some images onto the vellum and it worked in the photocopiers as well!


So my first step is to draw/print on the vellum then I’m going through and cutting out parts like I did with the cells. After I do that with the ones I’ve already printed out I’m going to create my own designs in Illustrator.

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I’ve been jumping around. I started off folding paper into accordions and cutting out shapes. Some I liked, some I didn’t. I kept everything, just in case. I did a little bit of this every night, but wasn’t moving forward. I think of all these ways that I could move forward but once I sit down it doesn’t happen.

About a month ago I collected a big stack of vellum. I let it sit while I thought of what to do with it. A little after that I bought a Biology book for 50 cents in the library, intrigued by the scientific images and diagrams. About two weeks ago I started experimenting using the vellum and these diagrams. I traced the forms, cut them out and stacked different ones on top of each other. I liked the transparency combined with the negative space that was cut out. It’s not exactly the direction I was imagining I’d be going right now, but it was something fun for me to play around with.



I want to take what I was doing with cells start experimenting with maps and grids. Cutting out and tracing the diagrams from the Biology book has made me take a liking to a simple line on a clean sheet of paper. I hung up some interesting map-like diagrams in my studio, from a book John let me borrow. I have been staring at them for a few weeks, interested in the forms, not really knowing how they were inspiring me. I don’t know what I’ll do exactly but I’m going to start by collecting some maps, then combine drawing and cutting on multiple layers of paper and see what happens.

I will be scanning in some maps tomorrow or Tuesday, and some of the grids I found inspiring from the books John has let me use. I can also upload the accordion fold cuts that I started out on, to give you an idea.

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