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angshush design

Advertisements examples… In black and white. Both single and double page ads.

and more layouts..

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logo & self promos

I started re-working the previous logo that I had into something more readable/understandable. Not sure what my thoughts are yet.

these are some sketches...

these are some sketches...

and these are the two that I liked the most

and these are the two that I liked the most

THen I tried using them in advertisements. Ads that would promote nothing but myself.
I wanted to see if I could incorporate my previous sketches of the magazine layouts into the ads because it showed promotion of my work.

in this ad, i tried using a fragment of the previous sketch I had

in this ad, i tried using a fragment of the previous sketch I had

then i thought.. what about imagery? after I saw it, i decided it looked like the actual magazine and wouldn't serve as a "breathing spot"

here are some others, just to get an idea

Then i thought these were to much like what was in the actual magazine, that perhaps the viewer would get confused on what was an ad and what was part of the magazine. So I decided to do the complete opposite of my work.

at first i wanted to use headlines such as this one i.e place logo here type of thing

at first i wanted to use headlines such as this one i.e place logo here type of thing

then this happened

then this happened

and this

and this

Then I began to use glyphs, because basically there is no meaning to them.

I want my advertisements to stand as breathing spots for the viewer considering the work inside can be a lot to take. I am still unsure of where i want to go with these.
I have even thought about just having the word “AD” and then my logo and tag line. That’s it.

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my anxious design

As normal, I designed more layouts. Some revisions of older layouts. Some new.


fear A

fear B

alone, 2nd version, 2nd pg to follow




During my review with John we discussed taking one layout and spreading over various pages. This was my take on that.

shake pg.1

shake pg.2

shake pg.3

blur pg.1

blur pg.2

My next plan… advertisements and logo

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more layouts

I did some more layouts of course. I wanted to work more with background images which I am still exploring. I really like how these turned out.


In TRAPPED i used an old layout sketch that I really liked and turned it into something I could use.



more to come…

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anxiety + photography

In the following layouts I combined the letter forms with an image of myself.





In the layouts above you can not entirely make out what the word is because the first and last letter only has the negative space on one side other than both sides like the letters in the middle of the word. In the next layouts for “speed” the last space after the D is present so the word speed is more readable than the abstract ones. Unlike “alone” where you can’t see what letter would be after the N. I’m curious what everyone prefers. I was also wondering whether each layout had to have the name composition. Image on the left, text on right. I want to switch it up for different layouts but I’m afraid it won’t be consistent.



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In my previous post, I discussed how my content was going to be on the anxiety I have been dealing with. I started to make these abstract images/layouts and wanted to share them.

The first layout is about the word “alone”. I wanted to show this in the actual letter forms. Not quite sure if it’s their yet.

first draft

alone: first draft

second draft

second draft

third draft

third draft

The next word I was going to use was “speeding”. I did this one. I’m not to happy with it. But I wanted to post it just to get an idea on layout setup.

Don’t mind the bodies of text in any of them. I just put in some lorem ipsum until I come up with real body copy. I will explain more in class what I am trying to do.

speeding: first draft

speeding: first draft

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I know nobody wanted me to try this. But I thought I would try and combine the images with my letter forms. To my surprise I didn’t mind what turned out.


This last image doesn’t have any letter forms combined with it because after I got to this point of this piece I had an epiphany of what I wanted my content to be. This year I have been dealing with anxiety. It kind of took over my life at the beginning of the semester. I am no learning how to deal with my anxiety and so I wanted to use the feelings and emotions I have about my anxiety as my content. When I started thinking of the things I felt when I got anxious and my fears I felt like I could keep writing. I made a list of some key words such as alone, numb, breathless, crash, blind, losing control, shaking, nerves, stiff, distraction and so on. After looking at some of my old layouts I saw that some of the things I was feeling can be seen in some of my previous images. I have come to the conclusion that I will take these words/feelings/fears, make there letter forms and express these letter forms to show what the actual word/feeling/fears are. I am so sorry if this is confusing but I just had the idea and wanted to write it down. I will start some examples to show you what I am trying to say.

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zandra: issue two

Okay, so I began the second issue. I have decided to make this whole issue my own. I will play as designer and model. I decided to use the same design characteristics as brodovitch with my own twist.

Here are some examples for the cover…



Some examples of what the layouts would look like. Each shoot that I do is based on the photos that Brodovitch used in his layouts. I used the same headline and body text as Brodovitch’s articles but altered them….

layout_coat 1

layout_bare 2

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logo experiments

Lately, I have been thinking about a logo for my magazines. I started playing with the space between the word zandra and tried to make a logo out of it. Below are some examples.

I figured if the cover were to be black, white or gray, the logo would have color. If the cover was color, the logo would be black and white. I don’t know if I should use this logo because it might not go with other themes to the other magazines. Then I thought maybe the logo changed with each issue to go with the theme of the specific magazine. However, I am confused because I feel if I change the logo for each magazine, it won’t be consistent.

Then I went on to create a simply logo and a chunky serif type that I was attracted to because I figured it could be used in different issues and would look good because of its simplicity. I am not 100% happy with the simple logo. I am confused on what to do, so for now here are my ideas.

Logo 1

Logo 1

Logo 2

Logo 2

Logo 3

Logo 3

Logo 5

Logo 5

Logo 6

Logo 6

Here is the “simple” option.



Here are some other abstract letter forms that I have been working on. I reworked some past letter forms. You will also notice that some of the images I used to show examples of the logo are new as well.

reworked A

reworked A

reworked B

reworked B

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ode to brodovitch

After discussing my magazines with John, I decided that this semester I would focus on experimentation of context for the magazine and next semester I will focus on production. This semester I will do some test runs just to get an idea of the printing. So for now I want to stop focusing on my abstract letter forms and move on to the next topic. I decided that the next magazine would be an Ode to Alexey Brodovitch.

Brodovitch was the art director of Harper’s Bazaar magazine from 1934-1958. When I took Psychology of Art and Creativity I did a presentation on him and really fell in love with his work. I loved how he cropped images and had text in different shapes that would mimic the photography being used with the article. He worked hand in hand with Richard Avedon for a good portion of his work. Avedon took the photos and Brodovitch created the layouts. I thought for my second issue it would be an “Ode to Brodovitch”. I will work hand in hand with my friend Jessica Occhipinti (photographer) and we will re-create the modern look of these layouts. In this aspect I would play the role of Brodovitch and she would play the role of Avedon. The images would be of the fashion now. This would also be more personal because Jess and myself will be the models. So this issue all together would be completely of myself with photography from her. For example, what these layouts would look like if Brodovitch was still around today. I was thinking of even using some of the titles of the old articles and creating a new image and layout for that particular article. Or i might create new ideas all together. I am very excited about this because I think his layouts are very different than what is in Bazaar today. I believe that if he was still the art director for that magazine, the look of it wouldn’t be so boring.

This is an image of Alexey Brodovitch (on left) and Richard Avedon (on right) working together looking at images.

Alexey Brodovitch (on left) and Richard Avedon (on right) looking at images.


More of Brodovitch’s work can be seen here and here. See also Jenna Gabrial Gallagher, Alexey Brodovitch: 1934-1958, here.

I’m still unsure as to what I will use for body copy. For now just to play around with actually making different shapes I will use random copy. Jess and I will be taking photos sometime next week.

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