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I’ve been working on different color studies and color palettes suggested in class earlier in the week. Having to upload as a jpeg really cuts down on image/type quality but you get the idea… More to come…


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AGNO Label Developments

Here are some labels I’ve made that are based on the hand drawn sketches I brought to class last week. The sketched I brought in eliminated the dog illustration and instead featured various items that had been chewed up by Otis/Lucy along with all of the required beer label information (style, weight, %abv, etc). While transferring my sketches into digital mode (via Illustrator) I decided to rearrange the layout and bring the dog illustration back into the picture. The new labels now feature the “Naughty Dog” chewing up 4 different items based on which style of beer the label is for (West Coast, India Pale Ale, Witbier or Winter Lager). I have also coded the labels with distinct colors that can be used to identify which style of beer it is without having to read the actual label. Also, the actual physical label will have a bite mark taken out of the corner as if Otis/Lucy tried to “help” with the process. Let me know your thoughts about these and keep in mind they are just roughly planned out labels that were made to see if the idea went over well. Type treatment, color palettes, etc can obviously change accordingly.


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Okay, after reviewing the comments left on my previous post with the first draft of my labels I’ve made some alterations and style changes. Some changes include: color, text size, illustration size, spelling corrections, etc. I’m trying out many different color palettes, while also keeping in mind that they will eventually have to look good against the brown glass of a beer bottle. I am also coming up with more “naughty dog” illustrations which I will drop into the labels once I am finished sketching.

As a side note, my first batch of beer has been bottled and is currently in the carbonation stage. It will stay in this stage for about a week and then it will enter the conditioning stage. Once that’s done it will be ready to taste!


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Changes & Labels

After the feedback I received in my review panel last week I’ve decided to save the name “Naughty Dog” for my brewery/company name. The beer itself will be called “Girl Named Otis” as an ode to the story of my dog as explained in an earlier post. The name plays off of the Johnny Cash song “Boy Named Sue”. I’ve started creating labels for the finished product including all necessary label requirements (alcohol %, fluid ounces, surgeon general warning, company info, recycling info, etc). I’ve also check to make sure the label I’ve created is the actual size of a real beer label. I’m posting the first few I’ve made and will continue to work on others as we speak. I’m thinking of keeping the same general label with only the dog illustration and label color changing depending on which type of beer it is (IPA, wheat, lager, etc). Leave comments please!



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Naughty Dog Brewery

So for this blog update I thought I’d share with everyone the (partial) backstory behind the Naughty Dog Brewery. The inspiration came to me about 2.5 years ago, in the form of a yellow Labrador Retriever. The dog’s name was Otis and he was a very outgoing and daring pup for his age. A couple days after I brought him home, he started getting sick after every meal so I brought him to the vet’s office for a check-up. It was there that I learned the true identity of Otis, in that he was in fact a she. Otis looked just as confused as I was at that point and needless to say, his/her name was promptly changed to Lulabelle or “Lucy” for short. Regardless of her gender, Lucy was a definite tomboy. She was neither girly nor quiet and was definitely able to hang with the neighborhood boy dogs. Her outlandish behavior, which includes barking, growling, running, jumping, chewing, etc, all helped her to gain her nickname as the “Naughty Dog”. Despite these actions, she is still a love-able and all-around great dog.

In keeping with that story, I chose the name “Naughty Dog” for my beer because it, too, encompasses the same ideals. My beer will be able to compete with its established male brewer competition and is far from a typical girly and fruity beer. Basically, it is a female-brewed beer with a taste and concept that is unbiased by gender. One could say it has an established yet vague identity. The company is established as a craft beer created by a woman yet the beer itself has a taste that is neither feminine more masculine. It’s just a good beer!

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Brewing Process

Sorry for the posting delay, I had been waiting for my ingredients to arrive for the past two weeks. I finally received all of my ingredients and began brewing the first batch of beer, the maiden voyage if you will, of Naughty Dog Brewery. I’ve included action shots of my process from start to finish. It took about 45 - 60 minutes in total and was relatively easy to complete. The first batch is a West Coast Pale Ale, a truly American beer with a subtle golden color. It will take 7-14 days to ferment (14 days being optimal) and another 7 days to carbonate once bottled. Once it is done fermenting I can drain the keg and immediately start a new batch, which will be either an India Pale Ale or Carribean Lime Lager. In the meantime, I will continue to create labels and logos for Naughty Dog Brewery which will be posted very soon!

Start to Finish

Start to Finish

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Label Searching

Harpoon IPA, Sam Adams Black Lager, Shipyard Pumpkinhead

Harpoon IPA, Sam Adams Black Lager, Shipyard Pumpkinhead

In starting the process of creating my own beer, I’ve been looking at labels of various existing breweries. I’ve been collecting the bottles and storing them in my studio alongside my existing glass bottle collection (which includes old medicine sample bottles, milk bottles, extract/flavoring bottles, etc). I’ve also started thinking about which recipes I would like to start gathering ingredients for, as I will need to start the brewing process soon. There are so many styles of beer (ale, lager, pilsner, stout, wheat, etc) all of which vary even more so based on geography. I am going to try and start a couple different styles, maybe an IPA (India Pale Ale) and a Hefeweizen (German wheat beer). We’ll see how things go, I’ll be sure to update once I get started.

Here is a great site I found listing the different types of beer and even some recipes!

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