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final thoughts (digesting definitions)

The last of my digestion pieces and a final collage for the semester. With this piece I wanted to explore some of the definitions of digestion. I used a definition from Merriem-Webster’s and hand-wrote the online entry on a sheet of vellum, then cut out images from the “Atlas of Human Anatomy” and laid them on top of the definitions.

transitive verb definition 3: “to take into the mind or memory; especially: to assimilate mentally”

digesting definitions

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wrapping up for the semester…thought i’d look back on my theme of digestions and explore a bit more. i would like to do one more of these using definitions of the word, but ran out of panels. for this collage i took all of the comments i received in my mid-semester review and place them over an illustration from Margarita philosophica (1504).

digesting comments

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lists cont.

from last week…series of 6 collages I did based on the lists mentioned in previous posts. these involved writing on square panels about listmaking and what it means to me (why i do it, how it helps, what it does, feelings before/during/after the process etc.). I then covered the panels with a print out of all of the words used in the last list collage that I had put together on the computer. I then cut out a rectangle and in that rectangle wrote the name of one of the 6 lists I had written. I then layered two more layers of vellum (one with the same pattern printed on it and the second cut into a long rectangle centered on the square). I then cut out three words from each list and arranged them on a line from the top of the square to the bottom. The only thing I have changed since last showing these is the spacing between the letters (originally they had varied, but I tried to make them more consistent).

lost supplies disconnect

should liver vitamins

school next ache

regimen direction rewire

new heavy spaces

middle southern somewhere

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existential listmaking (old)

From a few weeks ago now, a collage I did based on a series of lists I created in response to feeling lost/confused/conflicted by reviews. This may be one that doesn’t work as well digitally as you can barely make out the words.

Existential Listmaking

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untitled anomalies

while i think these look really cool i continue to feel uninspired by this series so i have yet to come up with titles for them (individually). I do like the idea of calling the group Anomalies, but that is as far as I have gotten. i am currently doing some reading on color and working on a labor intensive (too much so?) collage involving lists.

Here are the four marbled enlargements.





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for now

here are the marbled pieces…titles are as is for the time being. The bottom piece was my first full attempt and the top two are my second/third trying to clean up the appearance. I had a great talk with John (Colan) this morning and have some experimenting to do with these. More in this vein to come. Also, John (McVey), I borrowed your Anomalies book by Ricky Jay…hence the titles.

Anomalies (for now)


Original Imperial (for now)


Not Anomalies (for now)


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you’ve already seen these but…

I just wanted to post them. I was playing around with the idea of waste here and used leftover materials from 2 different projects (one collage and one bookbinding) for the first two, then combined the leftovers of the leftovers in the bottom piece. I have titles for all of the pieces I have posted so far, but have not been including them with posts…I will start doing that more regularly.

Marbled pieces coming…I felt a little derailed after the review and have been doing more thinking/reflecting on what I am trying to achieve with this project and what about my work and my project statement is not working for others (when I have been very happy with the process).

Materials Used For Altering a Dictionary


Six and a Half Inches


The Collection is Dead


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a different direction (topography and diagrams)

Below are two of my latest collages. These pieces work less within the idea of constraints (as mentioned briefly in my last post), and are based more on an image (vision?) I had.

The first one was inspired by a photo of Bruce Nauman performing his “Square Dance”…I was really intrigued and drawn to the form of his body in the photo. I enlarged the photo, traced it once on vellum, then traced roughly 1/16″ within that original outline on another piece of velum. I continued this process until I couldn’t trace/cut anything smaller, then I layered all of the cut-outs on top of one another. For the background, I took one of the pieces of marbled paper I created and cut out all of the black parts…I thought it would be neat to highlight the kind of road-way/map effect of the marbling.

The second piece (at the bottom) is the realization of a very specific image that came to my mind. I am not entirely sure where it came from, I know it is personal, but the imagery is not anything I can credit to an outside influence (consciously that is). This background is one that I marbled specifically for this collage. I did a few versions of the background (one of the failures used in the first collage), and decided to use the less perfect (and first) attempt. I printed a low resolution road map on a piece of vellum, then cut out and layered sheets of paper and vellum to create the figures.

Again, these are pretty different from what I have been doing, but I am really happy with these. Next up: collaged details of marbled paper.



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the idea…

“The idea becomes a machine that makes the art.” - Sol LeWitt.

The night before I read this statement (again, thank you Art Since 1945), I had come up with an idea to photograph washing machines at a laundromat, cut out the circular doors, and insert text behind them. I was kind of stunned when I read this sentence because it seemed to fit too perfectly with the image I had in mind for this collage. I ended up layering 2 photos I took at the laundromat in Beverly and kept the mistake I made when writing the text on vellum. This is a little different in terms of material constraints from some of the other collages I have done (but more inline with the next two I will post tonight/tomorrow). The material constraint is more of an image for a collage I came up with, than a physical constraint. I think this is an interesting path and I am happy with how close to my original idea this turned out.


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colorblocks and e.k.

Another collage inspired by Ellsworth Kelly (specifically his colors arranged by chance paintings). I cut out 1×1″ squares of colored paper and some of the marbled paper I made and put them all into a paper bag. I picked one square at a time from the bag and placed it on the bristol board in the order they were picked. I did two versions…the first one (not shown) ended up not lining up with the paper, so I did a second and tried to keep the square on a straight grid (picture below). While I don’t think this is a masterpiece, it was a really interesting exercise and has inspired my next series of collages (and potentially paintings) which will focus on some of the marbled squares (blown up in size). I’m really excited about working with the marbled squares and have already started scanning them into my computer…more to come on that soon.


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