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Asshole For Today

I think I’ve managed to find something I’m decently comfortable with. The thought used was an after thought of mind that I decided to record, I think I used it well.

What is gnawing at the back of my skull is whether or not the simplistic minimalist approach is something I want to do. I like how it’s blunt but I feel people are going to bash my work for being half-assed. Could it have more? Most likely but it doesn’t necessarily need more, if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. Regardless, I want to see how much more I can do in this style and with these W11 sign characters.

As for scouring the newspapers for negativity and everything else, it’s all on the way.

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The Final Shoot


This weekend I finished taking the pictures with my Holga camera.  I went down Saturday morning at 8:00 and ended at 11:00.  It wasn’t as long as I thought it would take actually, the hardest part was shooting a roll, unloading, and then loading in another roll.  Now I just hope everything goes fine with the processing stages and then everything will be good to go.  I should have the scans finished by sometime this week.  Now I can really start working on the book portion of this project.  I still have a lot of ideas for the overall layout, but I believe with the book containing the strip images I am just going to keep it simple so nothing takes away from the pictures.  As for the other book with color, I also took pictures of all the signs on the buildings while I was down there.  I was thinking of almost making a diagram sort of layout where you can match up the colored signs from the buildings with the black and white holga images.  Or find some other way to play with the type.  I’m very excited to see how the final pictures came out though. I’ll post them on here as soon as I process and scan them in.

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Changes & Labels

After the feedback I received in my review panel last week I’ve decided to save the name “Naughty Dog” for my brewery/company name. The beer itself will be called “Girl Named Otis” as an ode to the story of my dog as explained in an earlier post. The name plays off of the Johnny Cash song “Boy Named Sue”. I’ve started creating labels for the finished product including all necessary label requirements (alcohol %, fluid ounces, surgeon general warning, company info, recycling info, etc). I’ve also check to make sure the label I’ve created is the actual size of a real beer label. I’m posting the first few I’ve made and will continue to work on others as we speak. I’m thinking of keeping the same general label with only the dog illustration and label color changing depending on which type of beer it is (IPA, wheat, lager, etc). Leave comments please!



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“People don’t change, they only lie to themselves until they start believing they have” is the thought I decided to use when making this. Although when I began this project I decided to limit myself to only the things that were my thoughts, recently I decided it would be best not to be so exclusive. I’m a graphic designer, there is no shame in borrowing from others. (I might just use that) So I’ll leave you all guess whether or not this is me.

We all put on faces, but when you look far enough you get a glimpse of the true disposition of a person. Sure we make our New Year’s Resolutions and our pledges, but we can’t change who we are just like that and unfortunately most times it just ends with us masking our problems. Just saying things are different doesn’t make them different.

So this is a little abstract, I didn’t want to make full on faces (at least not right away) and so I thought about working with basic shapes. As it is, I think it’s a good start for something else, it feels like it could use more. Perhaps more humor.

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Naughty Dog Brewery

So for this blog update I thought I’d share with everyone the (partial) backstory behind the Naughty Dog Brewery. The inspiration came to me about 2.5 years ago, in the form of a yellow Labrador Retriever. The dog’s name was Otis and he was a very outgoing and daring pup for his age. A couple days after I brought him home, he started getting sick after every meal so I brought him to the vet’s office for a check-up. It was there that I learned the true identity of Otis, in that he was in fact a she. Otis looked just as confused as I was at that point and needless to say, his/her name was promptly changed to Lulabelle or “Lucy” for short. Regardless of her gender, Lucy was a definite tomboy. She was neither girly nor quiet and was definitely able to hang with the neighborhood boy dogs. Her outlandish behavior, which includes barking, growling, running, jumping, chewing, etc, all helped her to gain her nickname as the “Naughty Dog”. Despite these actions, she is still a love-able and all-around great dog.

In keeping with that story, I chose the name “Naughty Dog” for my beer because it, too, encompasses the same ideals. My beer will be able to compete with its established male brewer competition and is far from a typical girly and fruity beer. Basically, it is a female-brewed beer with a taste and concept that is unbiased by gender. One could say it has an established yet vague identity. The company is established as a craft beer created by a woman yet the beer itself has a taste that is neither feminine more masculine. It’s just a good beer!

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zandra: issue two

Okay, so I began the second issue. I have decided to make this whole issue my own. I will play as designer and model. I decided to use the same design characteristics as brodovitch with my own twist.

Here are some examples for the cover…



Some examples of what the layouts would look like. Each shoot that I do is based on the photos that Brodovitch used in his layouts. I used the same headline and body text as Brodovitch’s articles but altered them….

layout_coat 1

layout_bare 2

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Playing with Negativity and etc.

Hello everyone,

Posting from Asheville, North Carolina this weekend on the account of my cousin’s wedding. The weather and food are better here. During my weekend I ended up seeing a couple things that reminded me of some of the other projects going on.

As you can imagine, there isn’t a whole lot between towns.  I saw these cows and turned them into a postcard for fun and it reminded me of something Rick is doing with Hampton Beach. My advice for you Mr. DeCosta is to use as much sarcasm as possible when working, humor is invaluable.

I saw this at Logan Airport and I thought of Ariel’s project with beer labels. Granted, it has nothing to do with actually making beer but the design for the beer doesn’t always have to be limited to the bottle. It might be something interesting to think about, how your design could be applied elsewhere.

Moving along. Although we discussed on building a vocabulary of thought in class for this project, I thought I would start working in familiar territory.

Click image for Full Size

Negative thoughts stand out and they stick with you, playing over and over again in your head. I know people who say the only way to make any productive use of negative emotion is to take that energy and turn it into something positive.

Before I had fun with the above images, I had made these lovely little frames to play and arrange as I saw fit. Started with 6 options but witted it down to 5. It’s a different approach to the same idea, only with less emphasis on building.

It’s a start, I need to work more on building a vocabulary rather than just building and that requires more exploration. It might be best to stay away from text and work with abstract imagery to begin “defining emotion.”

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Monday 25 October
reviewers: J Colan, N Simon, M Hoffmann, B Hanscom, J McVey; T Feidt (for Mason)

8:30     Rick DeCosta
9:00     Alexandra Fiore
9:30     Tessa Magnuson
10:00     Lindsey Mason

Tuesday 26 October
reviewers: J Colan, J Gagne, S Smith, J McVey

3:30     Jordan Pomazon
4:00     Jenn O’Brien
4:30     Ariel Heinemann
5:00     Sarah Coelho
5:30     Kellie O’Hara

and for Wednesday 27 October

Read and think about, in terms of your own processes,

Don Norman Design without Designers at Core 77 (7 October 2010)
Steven Bell Design Thinking and Higher Education at InsideHigherEd (2 March 2010)

Norman talks about two types of innovation: incremental improvements and new concepts.
Bell talks about intuition and algorithms.
Please reflect on whether/how these ideas relate to your own process, which also means, I’d like you to reflect on and be able to talk about your own process.

I ask that you write a two-page reflection on the readings, with the above in mind.

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The other day, for the first time ever, I witnessed one of the school’s letterpress machines in motion. I was struck by the beauty of it, and reminded of a passage from David Gelernter’s book, Machine Beauty.

… I have always wished to believe that the line of strength and the line of beauty are one. That wish was realized when I contemplated American machinery… The rise and fall of the steel rods… the symmetrical motion of great wheels is the most beautiful rhythmic thing I have ever seen.”

And also…

You might experience something resembling machine beauty, even if you are no scientist or engineer, when you drive a nail into a board with one clean, graceful hammer stroke; you feel the beauty of ease and power mated, machine beauty, beautiful functioning… It must be graceful and look easy. It must be powerful, too—must accomplish something significant.”

Here is a video I took of this machine in motion. The quality is poor, but it still captures the fluidity and effortlessness that inspired me.

For a while now, I have also been thinking of creating some sort of animation that emulates this type of beautiful motion. It would be purely aesthetic, more like a study/tribute of the true power of machines.

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logo experiments

Lately, I have been thinking about a logo for my magazines. I started playing with the space between the word zandra and tried to make a logo out of it. Below are some examples.

I figured if the cover were to be black, white or gray, the logo would have color. If the cover was color, the logo would be black and white. I don’t know if I should use this logo because it might not go with other themes to the other magazines. Then I thought maybe the logo changed with each issue to go with the theme of the specific magazine. However, I am confused because I feel if I change the logo for each magazine, it won’t be consistent.

Then I went on to create a simply logo and a chunky serif type that I was attracted to because I figured it could be used in different issues and would look good because of its simplicity. I am not 100% happy with the simple logo. I am confused on what to do, so for now here are my ideas.

Logo 1

Logo 1

Logo 2

Logo 2

Logo 3

Logo 3

Logo 5

Logo 5

Logo 6

Logo 6

Here is the “simple” option.



Here are some other abstract letter forms that I have been working on. I reworked some past letter forms. You will also notice that some of the images I used to show examples of the logo are new as well.

reworked A

reworked A

reworked B

reworked B

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