AGNO Label Developments

Here are some labels I’ve made that are based on the hand drawn sketches I brought to class last week. The sketched I brought in eliminated the dog illustration and instead featured various items that had been chewed up by Otis/Lucy along with all of the required beer label information (style, weight, %abv, etc). While transferring my sketches into digital mode (via Illustrator) I decided to rearrange the layout and bring the dog illustration back into the picture. The new labels now feature the “Naughty Dog” chewing up 4 different items based on which style of beer the label is for (West Coast, India Pale Ale, Witbier or Winter Lager). I have also coded the labels with distinct colors that can be used to identify which style of beer it is without having to read the actual label. Also, the actual physical label will have a bite mark taken out of the corner as if Otis/Lucy tried to “help” with the process. Let me know your thoughts about these and keep in mind they are just roughly planned out labels that were made to see if the idea went over well. Type treatment, color palettes, etc can obviously change accordingly.


11/27/2010 | Ariel | Comments

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