History Repeats Itself, etc.

“History repeats itself, the first time as tragedy and the second time as farce.”

I’ve been making these images at a steady pace, although it is safe to say that I should speed things up a bit if I’m going to use all the quotations on my lovely list. The hard part is matching quotations up that aren’t too confusing or too bland with images. But during break it occurred to me that a key element in this project had yet to be worked out: what do I want people to experience and walk away with from all this?  Then Leslie Nielson died and I was distracted for a couple hours, only to rediscover my initial problem (Good Night, Sweet Prince).

I did manage to come to a conclusion, or at least a sort of idea about what I want this to go. Right now, I’m playing with quotations and the images made off those phrases and how they can be interchanged. This involved a level of interactivity between the viewer and the pieces, allowing people to (in theory) take a picture and switch it up with another one. It feels similar to minimalism this way, although the art has a set form, the meaning of the artwork is interchangeable on a whole new level (rather than just interpretation). I still don’t have the answer set in stone, but at the very least I want people to be able to realize “huh, these pictures come off the walls? And I can switch them up?” Interactivity is an element I want to use if possible, but how I do that is still in the dark.



“Good Night, Sweet Prince”

11/29/2010 | Jordan | Comments

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