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from last week…series of 6 collages I did based on the lists mentioned in previous posts. these involved writing on square panels about listmaking and what it means to me (why i do it, how it helps, what it does, feelings before/during/after the process etc.). I then covered the panels with a print out of all of the words used in the last list collage that I had put together on the computer. I then cut out a rectangle and in that rectangle wrote the name of one of the 6 lists I had written. I then layered two more layers of vellum (one with the same pattern printed on it and the second cut into a long rectangle centered on the square). I then cut out three words from each list and arranged them on a line from the top of the square to the bottom. The only thing I have changed since last showing these is the spacing between the letters (originally they had varied, but I tried to make them more consistent).

lost supplies disconnect

should liver vitamins

school next ache

regimen direction rewire

new heavy spaces

middle southern somewhere

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