The Titleless and the Titled

“Don’t Kid Yourself”

“We’re Not Kidding Ourselves Here”

From the “Your Old Friend is Back” series (also currently titleless)

After such a hefty image dump, I suppose you’ll all be curious as to why some of these images have titles while others do not. We discussed in class previously that these images are charming in their simplicity and how they can be interchanged with each other. Just because they don’t have a title now doesn’t mean they are incomplete.  I’m curious as to what some other people might call these pieces, instead of me always getting to pick.

Now the Old Friend series was meant to be a single image that people could play with. They could interchange what the “Old friend” was and place it on a designated spot while the others remained on standby until another person came around and switched it. It was to encourage participation from the viewers so they didn’t have to feel it was taboo to interact with the art on the wall. Since I’m using that idea for all of my pieces, the uniqueness in this series isn’t as unique anymore. So, I decided to integrate them with the rest of the collection, whether together or as stand alone images.

These recent pictures are all playing on different effects and visuals that hope to expand on these very 2-D creations from the limbo of potential t-shirt designs (all of course without taking their charming simplicity from them too much). Playing with certain colors gave these stencil figures a sense of depth, using non-stencil photographic images much like that of the Leslie Nielson image in the last post, the gradients helped expand environments rather than using simple flat colors and the use of blurring to also show depth. I should keep effects to a minimum, like I said I want to keep them simplistic to a degree.

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