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Harpoon IPA, Sam Adams Black Lager, Shipyard Pumpkinhead

Harpoon IPA, Sam Adams Black Lager, Shipyard Pumpkinhead

In starting the process of creating my own beer, I’ve been looking at labels of various existing breweries. I’ve been collecting the bottles and storing them in my studio alongside my existing glass bottle collection (which includes old medicine sample bottles, milk bottles, extract/flavoring bottles, etc). I’ve also started thinking about which recipes I would like to start gathering ingredients for, as I will need to start the brewing process soon. There are so many styles of beer (ale, lager, pilsner, stout, wheat, etc) all of which vary even more so based on geography. I am going to try and start a couple different styles, maybe an IPA (India Pale Ale) and a Hefeweizen (German wheat beer). We’ll see how things go, I’ll be sure to update once I get started.

Here is a great site I found listing the different types of beer and even some recipes!

09/22/2010 | Ariel | Comments

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