I was able to photograph some more parts today. Here are my favorites.


The first two images are of the same part. Also, remember when I wrote this?

“A few of the parts, I’ve noticed, have a symmetry to them that reminds me of the symmetry of the human body. I like the idea of using these parts to adorn myself, to make metallic additions to my face.”

Well, I did a little bit of playing around.


I really enjoyed experimenting with the parts in this way. I have always been very interested in using my body in my work, and interacting with objects/art in a very physical way. I also love the visual contrast of flesh and metal. The metal felt cool on my skin, and its taste was pretty neutral — not unpleasant. I am excited to continue with this, among other ideas I have.

10/06/2010 | Lindsey | Comments

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