I have had an incredibly productive weekend. I’ve begun a sort of project that has to do with process and the individual components of one specific sewing machine. I have started taking it apart, and also have been videotaping the entire process. As parts come off, I’ve been putting them in a specific bin. Everything, including the screws — anything that comes from that machine. I have also been setting an alarm clock to go off at five minute intervals. At these intervals, I am photographing the machine’s deconstruction. My plan is to take apart the machine entirely, and separate every individual piece.

I expect to do a few things with this project. I am going to display the progressively deconstructed photos in some form, perhaps a poster. I also want to spread out the parts and display them individually. Perhaps on my body? Perhaps in some kind of case, the way butterfly collections are displayed. I also have the machine’s manual, so I might also incorporate that text in some way. Here are the first four photos of the process. There are lots more, but I don’t feel like editing them just now.


And yes, yes, I do still plan to draw and to photograph my pre-existing parts as a sort of landscape. I have many ideas. I just need to organize myself a little bit and buy some more supplies.

10/12/2010 | Lindsey | Comments

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