Playing with Negativity and etc.

Hello everyone,

Posting from Asheville, North Carolina this weekend on the account of my cousin’s wedding. The weather and food are better here. During my weekend I ended up seeing a couple things that reminded me of some of the other projects going on.

As you can imagine, there isn’t a whole lot between towns.  I saw these cows and turned them into a postcard for fun and it reminded me of something Rick is doing with Hampton Beach. My advice for you Mr. DeCosta is to use as much sarcasm as possible when working, humor is invaluable.

I saw this at Logan Airport and I thought of Ariel’s project with beer labels. Granted, it has nothing to do with actually making beer but the design for the beer doesn’t always have to be limited to the bottle. It might be something interesting to think about, how your design could be applied elsewhere.

Moving along. Although we discussed on building a vocabulary of thought in class for this project, I thought I would start working in familiar territory.

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Negative thoughts stand out and they stick with you, playing over and over again in your head. I know people who say the only way to make any productive use of negative emotion is to take that energy and turn it into something positive.

Before I had fun with the above images, I had made these lovely little frames to play and arrange as I saw fit. Started with 6 options but witted it down to 5. It’s a different approach to the same idea, only with less emphasis on building.

It’s a start, I need to work more on building a vocabulary rather than just building and that requires more exploration. It might be best to stay away from text and work with abstract imagery to begin “defining emotion.”

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