Naughty Dog Brewery

So for this blog update I thought I’d share with everyone the (partial) backstory behind the Naughty Dog Brewery. The inspiration came to me about 2.5 years ago, in the form of a yellow Labrador Retriever. The dog’s name was Otis and he was a very outgoing and daring pup for his age. A couple days after I brought him home, he started getting sick after every meal so I brought him to the vet’s office for a check-up. It was there that I learned the true identity of Otis, in that he was in fact a she. Otis looked just as confused as I was at that point and needless to say, his/her name was promptly changed to Lulabelle or “Lucy” for short. Regardless of her gender, Lucy was a definite tomboy. She was neither girly nor quiet and was definitely able to hang with the neighborhood boy dogs. Her outlandish behavior, which includes barking, growling, running, jumping, chewing, etc, all helped her to gain her nickname as the “Naughty Dog”. Despite these actions, she is still a love-able and all-around great dog.

In keeping with that story, I chose the name “Naughty Dog” for my beer because it, too, encompasses the same ideals. My beer will be able to compete with its established male brewer competition and is far from a typical girly and fruity beer. Basically, it is a female-brewed beer with a taste and concept that is unbiased by gender. One could say it has an established yet vague identity. The company is established as a craft beer created by a woman yet the beer itself has a taste that is neither feminine more masculine. It’s just a good beer!

10/24/2010 | Ariel | Comments

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