“People don’t change, they only lie to themselves until they start believing they have” is the thought I decided to use when making this. Although when I began this project I decided to limit myself to only the things that were my thoughts, recently I decided it would be best not to be so exclusive. I’m a graphic designer, there is no shame in borrowing from others. (I might just use that) So I’ll leave you all guess whether or not this is me.

We all put on faces, but when you look far enough you get a glimpse of the true disposition of a person. Sure we make our New Year’s Resolutions and our pledges, but we can’t change who we are just like that and unfortunately most times it just ends with us masking our problems. Just saying things are different doesn’t make them different.

So this is a little abstract, I didn’t want to make full on faces (at least not right away) and so I thought about working with basic shapes. As it is, I think it’s a good start for something else, it feels like it could use more. Perhaps more humor.

10/26/2010 | Jordan | Comments

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