This post is long overdue. I have no idea where the time went. I guess it was the irregular week that threw me off course.

After my panel review, I felt very happy and confident in the path I was pursuing. However, when I met one-on-one with John Colan last Monday, my confidence dwindled. I’m not sure why, but after that discussion, I no longer really knew what I should be doing with my time. I felt sort of paralyzed again. The goals I had spoken of during my review seemed irrelevant. Perhaps I was given too much advice before I’d had a chance to explore my ideas or to delve into advice given to me previously?

After that meeting, I set up this grid on the wall of my studio.


I also hung the “skin” of the sewing machine.


Though I think it is very interesting to look at, I’m not sure anymore why I did it or what the point was of doing it.

Still feeling pretty rattled after that one-on-one discussion, but over the weekend, an idea came to me that I am very excited about. I am probably going to talk about it tomorrow in class, and write an in-depth post with sketches included later on. So I feel okay again about where I’m at, I suppose. However, I think it is absolutely vital that I do not get side-tracked, and that I pursue this idea for a while. All this discussion has been filling my head with new ideas and has caused me to be constantly changing my methods. Now, I have a sort of assignment that I must pursue. I am writing this as a sort of reminder to myself… work on this project now. Do not worry about other projects in the mean time. There will be time for those later.

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