The List: The Movie

So I finally got to selecting certain portions of the Oct. 29th copy of the Boston Phoenix, from political articles, movie reviews and other such pleasantries. And . . . here we go:

  • Personal Favorites
  1. Trying to fit a square peg in a round hole
  2. fraud is a front-line priority
  3. has disappointed us on a number of votes
  4. the other two deserve defeat
  5. We are not a fan of sin taxes
  6. This will only get worse
  7. A truly dangerous idea
  8. It would be the folly of better times
  9. it would be simply cruel
  10. hardest on those in need
  11. I don’t even remember how I found him
  12. it took my head off
  13. What the hell is this?
  14. are slow to absorb the work that really matters
  15. I don’t care much
  16. . . . Memories of the hard drinking guy who’d walk into a classroom with a gun would occasionally use it.
  17. “You Lie!”
  18. a lot of blather and punditry
  19. it might be hard to keep track of what matters
  20. The results are considered in doubt
  21. It’s likely to come with a hefty side of self-loathing
  22. . . . lusted after and devoured openly, with pride.
  23. We embrace our inner fatty-fatty-bo-batty.
  24. I dropped everything.
  25. It’s probably not safe to drive and eat a McRib, but I did anyway.
  26. There won’t be any tears at this farewell
  27. . . .touch on every uncomfortably funny aspect of sex, sexuality and her relationship with her dear mother.
  28. Or rather, a cliché
  29. the screen equivalent of a “summer beach read”
  30. break every 10 minutes
  31. rape and retribution, those sordid small screen staples are major attractions.
  32. “It’s like a classic greek tragedy.”
  33. immune to pain half-brother hulking albino
  34. it just can’t make scenes
  35. as far as satisfying movie-making goes, it’s pretty tragic
  36. . . . must deny her identity
  37. . . . assimilation to the extreme
  38. This does not sit well
  39. Too clumsy to fulfill its potential
  40. Good intentions go horribly wrong
  41. Did nothing to cure her . . .
  42. the ironies of this wrongheaded exercise in righteousness
  43. No one in her family has ever mentioned the existence of his person
  44. He can’t do anything wrong, at least in the eyes of his family
  45. Muting the melodrama and underplaying the politics.
  46. No stranger to the cynical view of things
  47. History repeats itself, the first time as tragedy and the second time as farce.
  48. He believes he is fated to repeat all the events in Trotsky’s life
  49. At first, they were mocking and indifferent.
  50. Over 40 and disillusioned
  51. Replaced by a culture that celebrates the worst aspects of Western materialism.
  52. They can’t betray those ideals without denying who they are.
  53. . . . offers compelling watching but not much insight
  54. We deserve to be demonized.
  55. The horror . . . the horror . . .
  56. Desperate kooky and needy
  57. . . . because nobody involved in the film seems to recognize how icky it all is.
  58. raw, unflinching look at the experience of modern warfare
  59. that’s sufficient to hurtle you into the mountains
  60. . . . deals frankly with the morass of war?
  61. Don’t kid yourself.
  62. its realism goes no deeper than the surface
  63. I’ve never seen a more detailed rendering of a sniper rifle obliterating a foe’s head a mile away.
  64. If accuracy was the goal, why was this significant detail so inconsequential?
  65. [Taliban] just the premise to let you slaughter hundreds of opponents, guilt free.
  66. Just rack up more kills than the other team
  67. It’s increasingly hard to tell them apart.
  68. But if it works, it works.
  69. (popular on the right)
  70. we’d have conquered Iraq and Afghanistan years ago if only our politicians had let us win.
  71. They’re all hostile
  72. True to life? This is a fairy tale.
  73. Mostly devoid of poetic whimsies
  74. “The tragedy of bourgeois life is that we’re never that funny.”
  75. one of the surface inane acting exercises
  76. killing these zombies is an act of mercy as much as anything
  77. things are not as they should be
  78. nobody home
  79. it does draw a lot of tension out of its quiet moments
  80. a darker place than I expected
  81. They got written off as weird
  82. everyone starts picking apart their oeuvres for signifiers and ripped off parts, as if they were nothing but the sum of their influences.
  83. . . . steal shamelessly from those who’d come before them.
  84. Doesn’t really care
  85. “we’re not kidding ourselves here”
  86. No ambitions to be original
  87. It’ll have to do better
  88. It’s embarrassing pat and predictable
  89. Blundering, square-jawed bravado
  90. . . . who framed him– as a villain.
  91. . . . who perjure themselves to convict the guy
  92. Unfortunately reminiscent
  93. Of course, we know how long that’s going to last
  94. . . . won’t make you feel very optimistic

Ok, I was aiming for 140 for the “cheer up piece, but I’m happy with what I got out of this. I’m not so sure where I am going with the big one. Anyway, I can see myself using some of these, the others . . . not so much. Other work on the way shortly.

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