This is the blog-in-the-making for Design Seminar, Fall 2010, Montserrat College of Art. We’ll be developing protocols for posting as we move forward. The left column can accommodate images of 600 pixels width.

The title is taken from Francis Bacon (1561-1626), his Sylva Sylvarum: or, A Natural Historie. In Ten Centuries (1627). You can see the London 1635 edition here. I like this passage —

The Eye of the understanding, is like the Eye of the Sense : For as you may see great Objects through small Cranies, or Levels: So you may see great Axiomes of Nature , through small and Contemptible Instances… (pp28-29)

We are early in our game, lost in the forest, so to speak. As we work and think with our materials and ideas, as we gather, assemble, try things out; as we converse, ways open up.

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