Rick DeCosta

photographic essay, Hampton Beach
18 May 2010



Being an artist in this day and age can have numerous meanings, all which are not alike.   Since I have been a Junior in high school, design has always been an important aspect in my life.  I believe the conditions of design cannot be defined by just a single word.  Design can be placed into many categories with many different definitions. Being a designer can have a strong value because I believe it is important to express your conceptual thoughts and hold the ability to share your ideas visually, to any individual who lives in this world today.  The ability to express yourself through media you appreciate creating, is an experience that everybody should have the chance to practice.  In a personal sense, I believe design is my chance to let my ideas flow throughout my skills in photography, page layout, typography.  A weakness in my design that I am most of aware of would be my form of typography.  I would like to have my typography be able to create a stronger impact upon the viewer, with powerful forms of composition that form freely with my photography.

For my seminar project I hope to create a book incorporating both my design work and photography.  I plan on creating an exploration of Hampton Beach, New Hampshire’s “Strip”. Combining both forms of photography film/digital.   I plan on photographing all of the buildings along the main boulevard of the beach, mixing the film and digital photographic process.  I feel that I am just as strong in my photography as my design work.  Combining the two mediums would create an expression of my personal style and conceptual thoughts to the viewer. Along with taking pictures of the buildings, I also plan on taking pictures of every sign along the strip as well.  Using the typography from the signs, I plan on combining the letters from separate signs together to create a form of visual support to flow along through the book such as titles, page numbers, etc.. This project is important to me because this is the path of work that I would like to choose for my career- combining graphic design and photography.  I have been a resident of Hampton, New Hampshire my whole life, the beach has always been the towns popular tourist attraction.  It will be interesting to present my own take on the landmark location. The beach holds a lot of history and unforgettable moments for many, I would like to give my own perspective on the location.

Through the courses I have taken at Montserrat College of Art and Northern Essex Community College I am ready to guide myself through this project with strong conceptual goals in mind.  I am my own client, and I am aiming to please myself and others with the work I create.  During seminar, I hope to possess the knowledge that I have obtained and push it further into my work to create a powerfully built book of work that others can admire.

My overall influences for this would be designers Neville Brody and David Carson. I strongly admire their flow and composition of type throughout their work. Also photographer Zoey Strauss, for capturing objects for what they really are.

Design seminar will help me achieve my goals through the guidance and feedback of critiques and other exercises integrating design.  I drive myself with the saying, “You only get one shot” I view my time here in college as one of the most important parts of my life.  I am setting myself up for my future with the outcome still not clear, each path I take is a strong decision that I have made on my own.  I strongly feel the same for my design work,  my designs and photography are a way of visually expressing myself to others in the world around me.

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