Tessa Magnuson

May 2010

I want to create an ongoing series of collages — digestions, if you will — of the information and experiences I encounter.

I have found (in my classes at Montserrat and beyond in my work and personal lives) that I am often introduced to fascinating topics and then quickly forced to move on to the next issue at hand. I would like to use collage as a tool to digest this type of information, to slow down and concentrate on a specific idea (i.e., a found quote, a poem/poet, an artist’s manifesto, a photograph, a design principle, a desire, an observation, a commentary on current events, a title from a piece of work, etc.). Working in collage will allow me to explore and utilize basic design principles while investigating the world I live in. I also plan to research (through books and online materials) other collage artists and their approaches.

My interest in Graphic Design began with a series of journals that I kept throughout my high school career. In these journals I used to create collages inspired by occurences in my daily life. I no longer keep these kinds of collage books, but I would like to move back towards explorations in collage with the 3 years of Design specific education I have acquired since graduating 7 years ago.

In the past, I primarily used found objects as materials for my collages. I often incorporate magazine cutouts, scraps of paper collected from various places, and natural items like pressed leaves and flowers. I also like to use oil pastels, paints, and pen and ink to embellish my designs. I would like to incorporate my own drawings, paintings and photography into these collages; but I will continue collecting materials that I find in magazines and old books, as well as online. I expect that I will be inspired by different materials used by other collage artists, and would like to explore as many different types of media as possible.

My hope is that by the end of the semester I will have a unique (and extensive) body of work, unlike anything I would otherwise have had the opportunity to create. Looking at the completed series of collages, I think I will have a better idea of what specific topics interest me and how I process information. Beyond the Fall Semester, I plan to edit my selections and design and bind a book of my collages in a second Design Seminar project.

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