Jordan Pomazon

the wry, raw and whimsical wall
19 October 2010

All people think, the amount of thinking we do is more or less dependent on the person’s frustration or overall stupidity. Thought is raw, unprocessed before it is refined and the reproduced by speech. Raw thoughts are fragments of emotion, intellect and other such juicy morsels that make up one’s personality; you place the right ones together and you get to understand someone.

This project is to record thought, every little thing that pops into the mind regardless of how negative or how positive it might be, and to use those thought recordings to create various posters/images inspired by them. Obviously, there will be a certain level of filtering going on before any single thought is taken and turned into artwork. Some things are better to keep to oneself. These images will ideally consist of type with minimal and basic imagery, although using abstract ideas to illustrate these thoughts will not be out of the question. The size of each of them will vary depending on the thought.

The inspiration to do this came from The Exquisite Corpse, a method by which a collection of words or images are collectively assembled. These posters may be able to stand alone, but as mentioned above, thoughts are fragments; they form together to make something. The ultimate goal is to use all the finished posters together, creating a full mosaic of an image that has yet to be determined. It will complete a message that sums up how I perceive myself as a person and hopefully communicate to its audience in a way incorporating my abilities as a designer and as a writer.

layers and components : small makes all
25 August 2010

Every object is either a component (of a larger) or the formation (of smaller) units. It may be both. When you look at something simple — a candybar wrapper, a pencil, a book — that object can be analyzed (= broken down) into the individual units that constitute it. This atomistic idea is behind the focus of my seminar project: to create complex images, and to present both those finished results, and the pieces/layers that form them.

This project would not be limited to the creation of a series of Photoshopped images by means of layers and filters. I expect to take different approaches, so that each piece is completed in a different manner. I want to explore possibilities.

The proposal originated from my looking at a cartoon animation cel. The still animation is not a single object, but one that is created by several layers of images. The characters, background, etc., etc. each live on their own respective plane, and are flattened only for final presentation, the viewer none the wiser.

My goal is to create 7-10 pieces, of various sorts, for final deployments that include wall hangings and larger installations.

Headphone Design
17 May 2010

Music has slowly become an important aspect of my life over the past few years. It has been a great relief in times of personal stress and an inspiration to my artwork. And as my appreciation for music has grown, my search of a clear and audible sound has also become apparent. From when I first intently began listening to music to the present, I have used almost a dozen pairs of headphones, each one more advanced (and expensive) than the last. At first I thought of headphones as only a means to listen to music while possibly looking cool in the process but after seeing so many pairs and so many different styles of these audio amplifiers I have come to appreciate the thought and effort that goes into the design of each model.

This project (as the title suggests) will focus on the design of several pairs of headphones. The first step will be to draft a design that is realistic, something that could function as a real pair of headphones. The second step would be to create a diagram and possibly a blueprint for said headphones. While I am not sure I have the means to complete the third step, it would be to actually construct the headphones I have designed myself.

Although my ultimate goal is to build a pair of headphones for myself, I am uncertain I will be able to achieve it. If I cannot, then I can at least draft the blueprints and diagram of a finished copy.

Ideas for the project I received after taking one too many browses through the catalog of and stumbling upon Molly Porkshanks Friedrich’s Steampunk Workshop, along with material read from the Chip Kidd novel, The Cheese Monkeys.

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