Amy Stein

A photographer who was discussed today in one of my classes. This is her series on domestication / us VS the wild.

Her statement is at the end of the series if the work interests you.

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Working out poster text

Ideas for poster line text and photos.


(Show no humans. Allude to physical abuse and emotional abuse.)

1. It’s lonely at the top. (dog left outside, in yard?)

2. My kennel isn’t a babysitter. (dog in a kennel)

3. Unknown message. (a dog and a dog house, have dog “cut out” of image, add dotted line around shape of dog)


(Show pure bred “power breeds”- Pit bull, Rottweiler, Chow Chow, Doberman)

1. Who’s the guiltiest of them all?

2. What’s the verdict?

3. We the jury find…

4. Who’s to blame?

5. One in the same

Or no words ~

1. a large X on a German Shepherd’s face and a check mark on a Golden Retriever’s face - approving a dog based on breed

2. Large red K, idea of the scarlet letter. Pit bull has a K for killer.

3. Third one unknown right now.

4. Unknown.


1. Animal first. Companion second.

2. My name doesn’t make me.

3. Table for two.

4. Unknown.


Book to accompany poster.

For each set of photos there will be a book that goes with it, sort of a “here’s more info…” type deal. There will be three books. The covers of the book with be one of the photos from each campaign. Book will include an opening paragraph by me, then a few (probably five) articles to follow showing different points of view on the subject matter.

These are two paragraphs I’ve been trying to work out as the opening paragraph of each book.

Abuse opening paragraph

There are different types of abuse when it comes to owning a pet. There, of course, if physical abuse but there is also emotional abuse. Dogs, just like human beings, need sunlight, exercise and fresh air. What is the purpose of owning a dog when you have a full time job that requires most of your attention? What about giving a pet the full attention it deserves? After all, a kennel isn’t a babysitter.

Companionship Paragraph

All too often we seem to forget that out beloved pet is an animal at heart. We can dress them in clothing, call them our “babies” and treat them another family member but this doesn’t change their true nature. They are an animal first and a companion second.

None of these are completed ideas. This is just to show a process of figuring out tag lines or body copy of posters and also a book to accompany those posters.

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The images above are some drafts for the covers of my three books. I thought it would work better to keep it simple and consistent with the rest of the layout from the books. I started with a type layout under the front image but then wondered if I had even needed any type on the front at all? I feel it works better alone just on the spine and nowhere else. I am still thinking of different colors I can use or maybe no colors at all for the background? The last image is of the inside title page, no big changes…just something simple that flows along with the rest of the layout.

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History Repeats Itself, etc.

“History repeats itself, the first time as tragedy and the second time as farce.”

I’ve been making these images at a steady pace, although it is safe to say that I should speed things up a bit if I’m going to use all the quotations on my lovely list. The hard part is matching quotations up that aren’t too confusing or too bland with images. But during break it occurred to me that a key element in this project had yet to be worked out: what do I want people to experience and walk away with from all this?  Then Leslie Nielson died and I was distracted for a couple hours, only to rediscover my initial problem (Good Night, Sweet Prince).

I did manage to come to a conclusion, or at least a sort of idea about what I want this to go. Right now, I’m playing with quotations and the images made off those phrases and how they can be interchanged. This involved a level of interactivity between the viewer and the pieces, allowing people to (in theory) take a picture and switch it up with another one. It feels similar to minimalism this way, although the art has a set form, the meaning of the artwork is interchangeable on a whole new level (rather than just interpretation). I still don’t have the answer set in stone, but at the very least I want people to be able to realize “huh, these pictures come off the walls? And I can switch them up?” Interactivity is an element I want to use if possible, but how I do that is still in the dark.



“Good Night, Sweet Prince”

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logo & self promos

I started re-working the previous logo that I had into something more readable/understandable. Not sure what my thoughts are yet.

these are some sketches...

these are some sketches...

and these are the two that I liked the most

and these are the two that I liked the most

THen I tried using them in advertisements. Ads that would promote nothing but myself.
I wanted to see if I could incorporate my previous sketches of the magazine layouts into the ads because it showed promotion of my work.

in this ad, i tried using a fragment of the previous sketch I had

in this ad, i tried using a fragment of the previous sketch I had

then i thought.. what about imagery? after I saw it, i decided it looked like the actual magazine and wouldn't serve as a "breathing spot"

here are some others, just to get an idea

Then i thought these were to much like what was in the actual magazine, that perhaps the viewer would get confused on what was an ad and what was part of the magazine. So I decided to do the complete opposite of my work.

at first i wanted to use headlines such as this one i.e place logo here type of thing

at first i wanted to use headlines such as this one i.e place logo here type of thing

then this happened

then this happened

and this

and this

Then I began to use glyphs, because basically there is no meaning to them.

I want my advertisements to stand as breathing spots for the viewer considering the work inside can be a lot to take. I am still unsure of where i want to go with these.
I have even thought about just having the word “AD” and then my logo and tag line. That’s it.

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The Latest —

full view

full view



close ups —

cutouts no 3

cutouts 3

cutouts no 4

cutouts 4

cutouts no 6

cutouts 6

cutouts no 8

cutouts 8

cutouts no 7

cutouts 7

cutouts no 5

cutouts 5

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AGNO Label Developments

Here are some labels I’ve made that are based on the hand drawn sketches I brought to class last week. The sketched I brought in eliminated the dog illustration and instead featured various items that had been chewed up by Otis/Lucy along with all of the required beer label information (style, weight, %abv, etc). While transferring my sketches into digital mode (via Illustrator) I decided to rearrange the layout and bring the dog illustration back into the picture. The new labels now feature the “Naughty Dog” chewing up 4 different items based on which style of beer the label is for (West Coast, India Pale Ale, Witbier or Winter Lager). I have also coded the labels with distinct colors that can be used to identify which style of beer it is without having to read the actual label. Also, the actual physical label will have a bite mark taken out of the corner as if Otis/Lucy tried to “help” with the process. Let me know your thoughts about these and keep in mind they are just roughly planned out labels that were made to see if the idea went over well. Type treatment, color palettes, etc can obviously change accordingly.


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stencil no 1

this is the first stencil i made- i’ll be using it to cut and paint with on various materials and surfaces. starting this weekend.

map 2

map 2

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Small Update

“It’s embarrassingly pat and predictable.”

One of the first finished images from the list from the newspaper, more to follow soon.

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New Ideas

Here are a couple more ideas for the signage book and some possible layouts for the poem book as well. I have been thinking of ways for the poetry layout to seem interesting and not just boring. I also understand that it would be wise to keep the poetry layout in the same format as the other two books so everything stays consistent and feels as a whole within the series. I know that some of the layouts I posted fall out of those boundaries but I just thought I would post everything I have so far.

Last Wednesday John lent me a Typography book that had some very good examples of layout and composition for fonts, tables, etc.. the book also had a definition of typography which was “the art of designing letters and composing text so that they may be read easily, efficiently, enjoyably.” With the last image above I thought I would try something different. I took the first letters of certain phrases that I enjoyed from the poem and played around with the type. Still using the strip format, I combined the letters so that they almost don’t become letters anymore they become more visual. The only way that this is consistent with the beach is the subject matter and the layout in comparison with the other two books.

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