The errors to which sight is liable diminished its value in her eyes.*


Over the years, I've accumulated photographs encountered in parking lots, gutters, shop floors, abandoned disposable cameras. Some were discovered, and provided to me, by sympathetic friends, to whom I am grateful.

I have not recorded place or date of discovery or receipt.

Absent access to their authors, intentions cannot be known with certainty. These pictures are thus freed to speak in their own mute ways.

I employ the description [D] device that is used in websites that serve both the blind and the sighted. My immediate prompting came from this exemplary and moving resource on deafblindness.

So this is an exercise in ekphrasis, not for display (epideixis) but discovery.


*Denis Diderot, "Addition" to the Letter on the Blind for the Use of Those Who See (1749, 1773).

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