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Demoralization of the eye began: names obliterating everything. Names and what they would do for you or with you or to you for your money. Shutting your eyes didn’t end it, for then you heard them louder than you saw them. They would begin to mix with absurd effect and you need take nothing to get the effect of another extravaganza. Letters this time. Another ballet, of A. B. C. D. E. F. G. , L. M. N. O. P., X. Y. and Z., the première-danseuse intervening in fantastic dances. It would have been a mercy not to have known the alphabet. One pays a heavy toll for the joys of being eye-minded. Ear-minded, too.

Frank Lloyd Wright, on taking the cable car, first day in Chicago An Autobiography (1943) : 65

4 September 2011
tags: alphabet; alphabets; names; Frank Lloyd Wright