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loose ladies


left to right —
Madeline Brandeis (1897-1937 *), author of children’s books
Anita Loos (1898-1981 *), writer, screenwriter
Viña Delmar (1903-90, something in the works here), and
Nina Wilcox Putnam (1888-1962 *), novelist, screenwriter, playwright, WCTU activist, “drafter of the first 1040 income tax form.”

Press photo, 10-23-32; strangely cropped at top, the three lines drawn in.

OK, I’ve got a crush on Viña Delmar — author of Bad Girl (1928), Loose Ladies (1929), Kept Woman (1929) and much much else — but what a collection of brains and talent and achievement in this photo!

17 March 2012

tags: Anita Loos; Viña Delmar; Madeline Brandeis; Nina Wilcox Putnam