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fragments of wreck, 2

if wrecked upon the shoal [ wharf / cape / dock / bay ] of thought
      —   Emily Dickinson, 1469 (written in 1879) [ here ]

As if Dickinson generates first, then selects from, her own (telegraphic) phrase vocabulary. What remains — the poem — are the words that survive and wash up on fair copy shore; beachcombed some.

I have not seen this in manuscript.

Targeteer / Vessel lays in a sheltered position.
Targum / Vessel lays in an exposed position.
Tarnishing / Vessel lays on soft bottom.
Tarpaulin / Vessel lays on rough bottom.
Tartary / Is wrecked and a total loss.

ex Telegraphic Codex in Theodore Hunter and Jarvis Patten, Port Charges of the World (1879) [here].

22 May 2012