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196/06     Now
196/07     From now until
196/08     If not done now
196/09     Not now
196/10     Now at
196/11               is the time to act
196/12               or never
196/13     Nowhere

ex China Inland Mission Private Telegraph Code (1913)

Have been reading Cecilia Rossi's fine translation of poems by Alejandra Pizarnik (1936-72 * ), from whose Los trabajos y las noches / Works and Nights (1965) this:

Las Grandes Palabras
        a Antonio Porchia

aún no es ahora
ahora es nunca

aún no es ahora
ahora y siempre
es nunca

The Great Words
        to Antonio Porchia

it is not now yet
now is never

it is not now yet
now and forever
is never

Translation reproduced here with permission; from Alejandra Pizarnik, Selected Poems (translated by Cecilia Rossi), Waterloo Press, 2010

17 June 2012
tags: Alejandra Pizarnik