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what is glare?


Screen images with deflecting front glasses (figs 12 and 12a),
illustrating H. P. Gage, Road Illumination by Means of Automobile Headlamps (a paper presented before the Philadelphia Section of the Illuminating Engineering Society, April 20, 1917), in Transactions of the Illuminating Engineering Society 12:4 (June 11, 1917): 179-187

Fig 12 at left, oncoming driver’s view; Fig 12a at right, view from behind headlamps.

Ascertainments, in advance of postwar boom.

A search for what is glare — the heading of one of the paper’s sections — does not go unanswered, seen even from the viewpoint of the horse.

2 November 2012
tags: H P Gage; ascertainments; glare; illumination; man in the road; transactions