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transverse faults, 1 (sectioned)


Paradigmas 32878 / A section showing
Paradoja 32879 / A section of
Paradoxal 32880 / Together with plan(s) and section(s)
Parafrasi 32882 / In this section of the country

ex McNeill’s Mining & General Telegraphic Code (1895)

contemplating what might be done, allowing for bleeds. the idea of the codex precedes the writing, raises questions of sequencing, permutations. and something about how grids convert land (or its representations) to real estate — property? properties? — and sounding (alas) like my professorial self.

derived from Fig. 1, ex Henry S. Rawdon, Some unusual features in the microstructure of wrought iron. Transactions of the American Institute of Mining Engineers 58 (1918): 493-509

one technical image 90+ years old brings to mind Blake’s to see the world in a grain of sand, refracted through Derek Jarman’s Chroma (1995 *), his narrowing gyre, closing vision, here and gone.

3 November 2012
tags: failure; faults; features, unusual; Derek Jarman; H. S. Rawdon; stress; transactions; wrought iron