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Determination of the principal stress lines in a discontinuous section. —
In this experiment a standard tension specimen has its cross-section reduced by one-half by having a circular hole drilled through it… Fig. 8 shows the colour effects of a similar specimen under a much greater load. (pp 66-67)

Fig 8, H. E. Lance Martin, Some experiments with reinforced materials examined by aid of plane polarised light. Transactions, Liverpool Engineering Society 36 (1915): 59-78 (discussion and correspondence continues through p98)

Quergasse 36313 / Stress
Quersack 36319 / Stretch a point if possible

Stress 42955 / We are not
Striation 42960 / We do not

Strokeoar 42989 / Wear and tear

ex McNeill’s Mining & General Telegraphic Code (1895)

4 November 2012
tags: colour; polarised light; Martin, H. E. Lance; stress; derivations, code; transactions