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perhaps this fracture


On either side the same character is seen to prevail, to whatever point the observer directs his view. The same black delicate fringe may be traced, as far as can be followed by the eye, with a regularity that at first sight would seem to be the result of art. (p196)

first of two views of (unopened) plate, between pages 194 and 195, illustrating Notice as to the evidences of the existence of an ancient lake, which appears to have formerly filled the limestone valley of Kishacoquillas, in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. By Richard C. Taylor. Transactions of the Geological Society of Pennsylvania 1:2 (1835): 194-203

Organic Remains.
These are not numerous.

Beautifully written.

9 November 2012
tags: foxing and punctuation; lakes, ancient; remains; Taylor, Richard C.; transactions