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broadening, displacement and reversal of lines


Plate IV (detail), Negative (reduced). For wave-lengths corresponding to lettering, see pp. 136-138.

Illustrating W. Geoffrey Duffield, The Effect of Pressure upon Arc Spectra.—No. 1. Iron. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London / Series A. Containing papers of a mathematical or physical character. 208 (1908): 111-162

Duffield (1879-1929) was the moving force behind establishment of the Solar Physics Observatory at Mount Stromlo near Canberra. See his entry in the Australian Dictionary of Biography. See also the finding aid to his papers, from which this —

From a 19th-century Australian school education in science, where science subjects were given to children in much the same spirit as the classics, as mental training for whatever else might follow in life, Duffield moved on to take an undergraduate science degree at Adelaide University. But then instead of turning, as most of his university contemporaries did, to what they saw as the real world of business, or finance or sheep-breeding, Duffield took seriously the notion of science as a career, and from a fairly undistinguished and ordinary education he adopted an out-of-the-ordinary ambition.
— Rosaleen Love, Science and Government in Australia 1905-14: Geoffrey Duffield and the Foundation of the Commonwealth Solar Observatory, Historical Records of Australian Science 6:2 (December 1985), p.171

11 November 2012
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