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on the lignites and clays, to which is annexed a glossary of plans


Plate LIII.
Is a section of the Bovey formation, in the plane of the Dip of the beds. It is drawn, from the measurements obtained in the first section, given in the text (see p. 1022, &c.), on the scale of 1/168, or 1 inch to 14 feet. The Dip amounts to 12 1/2º, and is in the direction S. 35º W. magnetic. The beds in which fossils are found are those the numbers of which are placed opposite them in the margins.

illustrating William Bengelly (1812-94 *), communicated by Sir Charles Lyell, F.R.S. On the lignites and clays of Bovey Tracey, Devonshire. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London 152 (1862-63): 1019-1038

Majestic image, found whilst searching something else entirely and ruminating about plans and their scarcity in my life. Here follows an index of plans, the result of a google search through this present enormous volume of these Philosophical Transactions

according to a plan       615
adopted the plan       582
another plan             890
as) my plans       338
on) communicating plans       333
a) convenient plan       351
not a convenient plan       351
the) following plan       176
his plan       353
justification of the plan       315
as my) plans became matured       338
the) normal plan       296
on my plan       333
plan of mine       981
on this plan       369
the) plan       199
the plan described       199
plan of observations       353
the) plan pursued       315
a) plan suggested       615
a) promising plan       980
seven-segmented plan       307
this plan       994
upon the plan       199

The word plan (and its variations) appears in some 122 phrases in Macdonald’s Naval, Military and Political Telegraphic Dictionary (Whitehall, 1817) *. That is my count, so far anyway, and they will be presented here in their proper order and in due course.

2 December 2012
tags: in the plane of the Dip of the beds; clays; lignites; plans; sections; William Bengelly; John Macdonald (1817)