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also 2 locks of blonde hair, at the letter v


epigram from a bookseller’s description of
and locks in a copy of
John Todd’s Index Rerum: or index of subjects; Third Edition, 1837. Partially filled copy, with owner’s signatures of R B. Green, Dickinson College, Penna, May 1st, 1838, and signed again (without date) by G. W. Green, Lewisburg, Pa.

some entries —
Albanum & Roman War
Alphabet, Greek
Asthma, nervous
Ancient excelence [sic]
Amialerup [?] / to see her & not love her is as difficult as to look at Paradise & not want to enter.
Agricultural statistics

missing pages (cut neatly out) —
aD > Do
uD > Ea
aG > Ge

12 December 2012
tags: absences; R. G. Green; hair; index rerum