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soundings, but where


soundings (probably Yaquina Bay, Oregon), here.

(mostly obscured) chart, illustrating Appendix RR. Improvement of the Mouth of the Columbia River, Oregon and Washington Territory; of the entrances to Coos and Yaquina Bays; of mouth of Coquille River and of Umpqua River, Oregon; and of certain rivers emptying into Puget Sound and Gray's Harbor, Washington Territory; Water Gauges on Columbia River.
by Captain Charles F. Powell, Corps. of Engineers. pp 1971-2011.
in Annual Report of the Chief of Engineers, United States Army, to the Secretary of War, for the year 1886.

an uncertaintly principle *, of sorts.

25 December 2012
tags: densities, low; locus ignotum; soundings; Charles F. Powell