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photograph of a storm


Photograph of a storm.—(Print from Photographic Register from noon, December 13, 1870, 1/2 inch per Hour.)

We have already spoken of the beautiful adaptation of Professor Hough's meteorograph to the work of printing its own registrations. The mechanics of meteorology have been advanced one step higher than this, and the registrations of the automaton are instantly and perfectly photographed...The photograph of a storm, page 415, shows the movements of the mercury in the two thermometers and a barometer for twelve hours.

ex T. B. Maury. “The Telegraph and the Storm: The United States Signal Service.” Harper’s New Monthly Magazine 43:255 (August 1871) : 398-418 (here)

Something on telegraphy in meteorology, here

13 January 2013

mental states; meteorology; storms; telegraphy; T. B. Maury