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Mr. Francini’s Pump


unopened Plate XXXIV, illustrating Mr. Francini’s pump. A Particular Sort of Chain, or Joint-Pump, contriv’d by Mr. Francini.
in T. Desaguliers (1683-1784 *), A Course of Experimental Philosophy, vol II. Adorn’d with Forty-six Copper-Plates. London, 1744

There are certain Limits in the Application of Machines, which can never be exceeded; and it is the want of knowing this, which makes People so fond of new Inventions, in hopes of great Performances; when the Effect of the best Engine does not exceed that of the worst one Part in five.
ex Lecture XII. On Engines, especially Hydrostatical and Hydraulick machines. (commencing at page 412)

contriv’d and publish’d whilst waiting to board, Raleigh-Durham Airport, 20 January 2013.

20 January 2013
tags: machines, limits in the application of; philosophy, experimental; pump, Francini’s; water; T. Desaguliers