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weathering 101


Fig. XIV.
View of a single-pigment paint that remained soft and weathered to a rough surface that collected dust.   Type D. P.

Henry A. Gardner. “Observations on Painted Lumber.” Bulletin No. 48. Educational Bureau, Paint Manufacturers’ Association of the U.S. (1915). ( here )

Meanwhile, it’s confirmed that Picasso used house paint —
“We were looking into pigments taken from Picasso’s white paint, which from a material perspective is zinc oxide, and we were able to study the impurities that are there,” Dr. Rose said.
“The scientists also bought samples of decades-old house paint on eBay. After comparing those samples with Picasso’s paint, they determined that the two shared the same chemical makeup.”

ex The New York Times (19 February 2013), Science D6 (and here ).

20 February 2013

tags: paint; weathering
Henry A. Gardner